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Going to JSM 2010? Consider Section’s Poster Competition

1 December 2009 1,502 views No Comment

2009 Award Winners
Best Contributed Poster
First Place&#8212Kelly H. Zou and Martin O. Carlsson for “Beta-Mapping and Beta-Regression for Changes of Ordinal-Rating Measures on Likert Scales: A Comparison Among Multiple Treatment Groups”

    Second Place&#8212Arminda Lucia Siqueira and Daniela Monteiro Braga for “Making a Decision in Bioequivalence Studies: A Statistical Contribution”

      Third Place &#8212William Coar, Darrin Despain, and Brian L. Wiens for “Estimation of Treatment Retention: The Peak-Trough Ratio”

        Student Paper Award
        Violeta G. Hennessey for “A Bayesian Approach to Dose-Response Assessment and Synergy and Its Application to In Vitro Dose-Response Studies”

          If you plan to attend JSM 2010 and present a poster, consider participating in the poster competition sponsored by the ASA Biopharmaceutical Section. All authors who present posters sponsored by the section are eligible to compete for these awards.

          Posters must focus on methodological issues in preclinical or clinical trials, epidemiology studies of drug safety (device or biological), genetic studies predicting drug (or biological) response, laboratory and toxicological data analyses, methods for high-dimensional data from high-throughput screening, or nonlinear pharmacokinetic modeling.

          Posters will be evaluated on innovation, applicability in pharmaceutical research, appropriate example(s), and effectiveness of presentation (well-written, well-organized, etc.).

          All JSM attendees can participate in the competition; however, authors who compete for the awards cannot also compete for the student paper awards.

          Three awards with prizes of $1,000, $500, and $300 will be given for first, second, and third place, respectively.

          To enter, submit an abstract to the ASA with the Biopharmaceutical Section as sponsor by February 1, 2010. Also, email your poster to Yongming Qu, chair for the poster awards, at quyo@lilly.com by May 1, 2010. Two judges will review each poster and an average score will be assigned. Posters with the highest scores will be the winners. Winners will be announced and receive their certificates during the JSM 2010 Biopharmaceutical Section mixer.

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