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A Look Back and Forward

1 January 2010 1,695 views No Comment

The Biopharmaceutical Section has made considerable progress on its interactive outreach project: creating an interactive web site to increase the awareness of biopharmaceutical statistics as a career option for high-school and college students. The site will include graphics, live action web clips, and links to resources such as statistical reference and career guidance.

Thanks from the Outgoing Chair
Anna Nevius

    This has been an exciting year for me as your Biopharmaceutical Section chair. Thank you for the opportunity. What we accomplished this year could not have been done without your help. I know I will leave out someone who has helped make this year a great success and I apologize, but I will forge ahead:

      Kannan Natarajan, Past Chair

        Katherine Monti, Chair-elect

          Steve Gulyas, Treasurer

            Rick Caplan, Secretary

              Matilde Sanchez, Program Chair

                Dionne Price, Program Chair-elect

                  Neal Thomas, Publications Officer

                    Margaret Minkwitz, Alex Dmitrienko, and Mani Lakshminarayanan, Council of Sections Representatives

                      Iksung Cho, Thomas Lin, Ram Suresh, Venkat Sethuraman, Veronica Taylor, and Thomas Keefe, Executive Committee Members

                        David Henry, Jose Alvir, and Debbie Panebianco, Biopharmaceutical Report Editors

                          Mani Lakshminarayanan and Venkat Sethuraman, Distance Training (Webinars)

                            Tammy Massie and Carmen Mak, FDA/Industry Statistics Workshop Co-Chairs

                              Daniel Christen, Webmaster

                                Russ Helms, Jim Colaianne, Matilde Sanchez, and Alka Preston, Corporate Sponsor Committee

                                  Neal Thomas, Keith Soper, Gregory Campbell, and Stacy Lindborg, Fellows Committee

                                    Christie Clark, Student Paper Competition

                                      Heather Thomas, Contributed Paper Award

                                        Yongming Qu, Poster Competition

                                          Ed Luo and Ram Suresh, Membership Survey

                                            As you can see, running the section successfully takes many, many people. We are always looking for volunteers. Please call anyone on the executive committee to volunteer.

                                            Phases one and two are complete. Phase one consisted of developing a prototype web site, while phase two consisted of developing live video content in which section members discuss the positive aspects of their jobs. Phase three—creating a complete, functional web site to host the graphic interface and videos—is under way. Click here to view the completed introductory video.

                                            Member Survey, Other Projects

                                            Ram Suresh and Ed Luo recently prepared and executed a member survey, which was the first since the ’90s. Results are forthcoming.

                                            The section’s web-based learning program was launched in the spring of 2007 by Alex Dmitrienko with the support of former chair Brian Wiens and the executive committee. The program has since grown, with webinars being produced on topics such as classical sample size, hierarchical Bayes, design and analysis of count data, genomic data, and microarray data analysis.

                                            Steve Gulyas and Jeremy Jokinen worked with Creative Street to produce the section’s first video as part of the Web Clip Statistical Outreach Program. The video, which can be viewed here, is already being used by AP Statistics teachers.

                                            The section also sponsored the 2009 Non-Clinical Biostatistics Conference, held in Boston last September, and the FDA/Industry Statistics Workshop, which saw more than 700 attendees.

                                            New Officers and Appointees

                                            Katherine Monti, 2009 section chair-elect, would like to thank everyone for their past and continuing service and welcome the following newcomers:

                                            • Steve Wilson, Chair-elect
                                            • Jeff Maca, Program Chair-elect
                                            • Devan Mehrotra, Publications Officer
                                            • David Breiter, Council of Sections Representative
                                            • Amit Bhattacharyya, Biopharmaceutical Report Associate Editor
                                            • Allen Izu, Contributed Paper Award Committee Member
                                            • Patricia Stephenson and Anna Legedza, Executive Committee Members
                                            • Ivan Chan and Qian Graves, 2010 FDA/Industry Statistics Workshop Co-Chairs

                                            Click here for a complete list of officers and committee members.

                                            How can you become active in the section? Just ask. Would you like to write an article for the Biopharmaceutical Report? Contact one of the editors. Would you like to participate in helping select award winners? Contact the chair of one of the awards committees. Alternatively, contact Steve Wilson, chair-elect, at stephen.wilson@fda.hhs.gov, as he will make most of the appointments for next year.

                                            Future Plans

                                            What are the section’s 2010 plans? The main business of the section is well-known. JSM sessions and short courses, the FDA/Industry Statistics Workshop, and participation in the ENAR program are all enormous efforts. The distance learning events and Biopharmaceutical Report add to the richness of the section. The awards programs are healthy, the Amstat News contributions are informative, and the sponsors are dedicated … but, there is more.

                                            Completing the new web site is at the top of the section’s list. The recently completed membership survey offers us the opportunity to do what statisticians do best: mull over data. It will be interesting to see what we can learn from that effort. Finally, Monti and Anna Nevius have undertaken the task of updating the section’s out-of-date operations manual. In the process, they noticed the charter needs to have the dust brushed off, too.

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