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Stochastics Institute Reaches Milestone

1 January 2010 848 views No Comment

On December 14, 2009, EURANDOM—an international research institute in stochastics at the Eindhoven University of Technology—celebrated the 100 workshops they have initiated throughout the past 11 years. “We will surely continue these initiatives. Next year, there will be an emphasis on workshops organized for and by young researchers,” said Onno Boxma, EURANDOM director.

The first workshop, organized by Mike Keane, took place on November 14, 1998. This and the several workshops that followed were hosted by Dutch researchers, broadening and strengthening the international position of Dutch stochastics.

The 100th workshop, “Dynamic Random Environments,” was motivated by problems in physics. The mathematical investigation of transport in random media has been an active area of research throughout the last 30 years, rich in surprising effects and mathematical challenges. Epidemics, genetics, and evolution of competing populations (from biology); catalytic systems, localization of waves, and ageing in disordered systems (from physics); and dynamic random networks (from computer science) are examples of situations in which randomness in a medium is the source of interesting new phenomena, not displayed by static random media.

Click here for more information about EURANDOM and the 100th workshop.

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