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ASA Annual Fund Drive Sees Successful Year

1 February 2010 2,525 views No Comment
Scott Evans, ASA Development Committee Chair

Thanks to the generosity of more than 500 ASA members who made contributions to the ASA’s annual fund this year, the association received more than $25,000.

The 2009 Annual Fund Drive was the first formal fund campaign for the ASA. For many years, the ASA has operated informal fund drives in which members were given the opportunity to make a contribution when renewing their memberships. This year, however, the association instituted a more systematic effort.

The roots of this development campaign go back to 2003, when the ASA hired a consulting firm to evaluate the potential for a comprehensive program. A basic structure was established at that time, but ASA Executive Director Ron Wasserstein and the development committee further evaluated the prospects for growing a development program in 2008. Also volunteering her time was Julia Riseman, a development consultant and wife of ASA member Nick Horton. Recommendations were made to the ASA Board of Directors, which charged the development committee with creating a case statement for the annual fund.

The committee developed a plan for implementation that included continuing the passive solicitation through membership renewals and launching a direct solicitation to selected members. The plan was approved by the board for launch in 2009.

In June of 2009, approximately 2,000 members of the ASA community were contacted through direct solicitation. Targeted members included current and former board members, ASA Fellows, current and former Council of Sections Governing Board and Council of Chapters Governing Board members, senior members, and longtime members. These ASA members were asked to make contributions to one of four funds:

  • Promoting the Field of Statistics: Supporting activities such as continuing education courses, workshops on statistical writing for the media, and advocacy efforts on behalf of the profession in Congress and with the administration
  • Providing Access to the Field of Statistics: Supporting a variety of activities, including travel funds for students to attend JSM or other conferences, ASA memberships for statisticians in developing countries, and graduate school scholarships for promising statisticians
  • Recognizing Excellence in the Field of Statistics: Supporting the recognition of excellence in the profession by increasing the funding available for award prizes and by funding special recognition sessions at JSM and elsewhere
  • Future of the ASA Fund: Gifts designated to “ASA unrestricted funds” that allow the ASA Board to support the association and our profession in many ways
Annual Fund Drive
Team Members
Scott Evans, Development Committee Chair
A. Blanton Godfrey, Development Committee Member
Don Hedeker, Development Committee Member
Ron Wasserstein, ASA Executive Director
Steve Porzio, ASA Associate Executive Director and Director of Operations
Keith Ord, ASA Treasurer
John Boyer, ASA Board Member
Janet Buckingham, Committee on Committees Liaison

In response, about 80 members made contributions to the 2009 Annual Fund Drive, totaling about $12,500. In addition, some 450 donors contributed about $13,000 through the membership renewal opportunity, which is slightly higher than last year’s total. Thus, more than $25,000 was given, most of which was designated to the Future of the ASA Fund.

“When I was informed about the ASA fundraising drive,” said ASA member Christine Franklin, “I did not hesitate in donating to this worthy effort. I felt this was my opportunity (in a small way) to give back to the ASA. I’ve been blessed both professionally and personally by the support and advocacy from ASA in promoting statistics education, especially at the K–12 level. So much of what has been achieved nationally in statistics education has been due to the efforts of the ASA and its members.”

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