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Special Issue on Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences

1 March 2010 2,008 views No Comment

Statistical Methodology

    In honor of the 10th Anniversary of the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences at the University of Washington, there will be a special issue of Statistical Methodology featuring statistical methods for the social sciences. Featured topics include multivariate categorical data, continuous outcomes, missing data, and social networks. The guest editors are Adrian E. Raftery and Michael Ward.

    The issue will feature papers by Stephen Fienberg, Robert Franzese Jr., Andrew Gelman, Adam Glynn, Claire Gormley, Bryan Jones, Brendan Murphy, Adrian Raftery, Donald Rubin, Tamas Rudas, and Jon Wakefield. For information please visit the Statistical Methodology web site or contact G. Jogesh Babu at babu@stat.psu.edu or Adrian Raftery at raftery@u.washington.edu.

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