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India to Create Museum of Statistics

1 April 2010 2,022 views No Comment

“Give me a museum and I’ll fill it.” – Pablo Picasso

A five-acre plot on the campus of the University of Hyderabad is the future home of Sankhya: The National Museum of Statistics. Planners say it will be the first of its kind in the world. It is being designed to showcase the history of statistics; statistics’ early applications for data relating to people and the state, for administrative purposes; and the emergence of statistics as a method for solving problems in all areas of human endeavor. The organizers also hope to create public interest and encourage the study of statistics with respect to the science and technology of the future.


      The National Museum of Statistics was founded by the following members and registered as a society under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act of 2001:
      Seyed Hasnain, Vice Chancellor, University of Hyderabad, President
      C. R. Rao, FRS, Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Advisor, CRRAO AIMSCS
      M. S. Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Government of India
      R . Radhakrishna, Chairman, National Statistical Commission, Government of India
      V. K. Saraswat, Scientific Advisor to Defense Minister, Government of India
      M. Barma, Director, TIFR
      S. B. Rao, Director, C.R.RAO AIMSCS, Member Secretary
      M. S. Raghunathan, FRS, TIFR
      C. S. Seshadri, FRS, Director, Chennai Mathematical Institute

    The university has donated the land, which is close to the C. R. Rao Advanced Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science (CRRAO AIMSCS). A committee of specialists with experience in designing museums and displays will be formed to plan the museum building and lay out the exhibits. The planners invite suggestions on these from statisticians everywhere.

    The organizers have proposed setting up national and international committees to raise donations from the government, philanthropic institutions, and individuals, for the purpose of building the museum, acquiring the material for exhibition, and advising on matters related to achieving the objectives of the museum, as stated in the memorandum of the society. Volunteers for these committees are welcome.

    The museum is a joint enterprise of the University of Hyderabad and CRRAO AIMSCS and will function under rules and regulations formulated by a council constituted according to the bylaws of the society.

    Donations are being solicited by means of a special account at the University of Hyderabad in the name of the museum. Donors in India can write rupee checks payable to Finance Officer, University of Hyderabad, Acc. Sankhya: The National Museum of Statistics, and send the checks to S. B. Rao at the address below. The donations are 100% income tax-exempt in India.

    U.S. donors may make checks payable to SHARE with the notation “Sankhya: The National Museum of Statistics.” Donations made in U.S. dollars are 100% tax-deductible in the United States and should be sent to Vijay V. Yeldandi, MD, FACP, FCCP, 445 E. North Water Street, Apt. 701, Chicago, IL 60611; yeldandi@ichhaindia.org.

    Donors are requested to inform both S. B. Rao by email at siddanib@yahoo.co.in or by letter to C. R. Rao AIMSCS, Aryabhatta University of Hyderabad Campus, C. R. Rao Road, Hyderabad, India 500046; and also C. R. Rao by email at yeldandi@ichhaindia.org or by letter to 29 Old Orchard Street, Williamsville, NY 14221.

    There is also a provision to dedicate sections of the museum in the names of donors with substantial contributions. For details, contact S. B. Rao or C. R. Rao.

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