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SPAIG Offers Exciting JSM Session

1 April 2010 1,107 views No Comment

Statistical Partnerships among Academe, Industry, and Government (SPAIG) is proud to announce that its 2010 Invited Session includes nationally renowned statisticians. The talks in the session are selected to cover a variety of topics of interest to statisticians. The session is titled “SPAIG and the ASA Strategic Plan.” Presenters and the titles of their talks are as follows:

  • Fritz Scheuren: The Cross-disciplinary Nature of ASA and its Evolution Over Time: Some Historical Highlights
  • Christine M. Anderson-Cook: An Overview of the ISU-LANL Collaboration: Research and Impact
  • Ji Zhang: From Theory to Application: How Can We Improve Further
  • William B. Smith: SPAIG and the ASA Strategic Plan
  • Charles Yun Tan and Boris Iglewicz: The Value and Need of Academic-Industry Partnerships: Two Case Studies
  • Robert N. Rodriguez: Partnering for the Profession: The Role of SPAIG in ASA’s Strategic Plan

The SPAIG committee invites the 2010 JSM attendees to this session. Please check the JSM web site for time and location.

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