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Nomination Deadline

13 May 2010 1,236 views No Comment

July 15 is the deadline date for nominations for the 2011 Deming Lecturer. The awardee will give the Deming Lecture (an invited paper) at the Joint Statistical Meetings and receive a $1,000 honorarium, an award plaque, and travel expenses.

The individual nominated should have either of two accomplishments: (1) made significant contributions in fields related to those in which W. Edwards Deming devoted his career, including survey sampling, statistics in the transportation industry, quality management, and quality improvement, or (2) made significant contributions through effective promotion of statistics and statistical thinking in business and industry.

Contact the committee chair, A. Blanton Godfrey, at abgodfre@ncsu.edu for questions. For information on the award visit the Deming Lecturer web site here. Nominations can be sent electronically to Pam Craven at pamela@amstat.org or by mail to the ASA office, attention: Award Nominations, 732 North Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314–1943.

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