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JSM 2010 Offers Learning Opportunities

1 June 2010 1,101 views No Comment

The Biopharmaceutical Section will sponsor or cosponsor the following invited sessions in Vancouver, British Columbia:

August 1
Statistical Issues in Approval of Follow-On Biologics

August 2
Clinical Trials and Informative Decisionmaking

Doing Better Than Average: Tailored Therapeutics in Drug Development

August 3
Future Directions in Biopharmaceutical Statistics

CDISC: Standards vs. Operational Challenges

August 4
Handling of Missing Data in Clinical Trials: Findings of a National Research Council Study

Bayesian Methods in Pharmaceutical Development and Clinical Research

August 5
Adaptive Design: Balancing Between Hype and Hope

Key Multiplicity Issues in Clinical Trials

The section also will sponsor the following short courses:

August 1
Analysis of Clinical Trials: Theory and Applications, presented by Devan Mehrotra, Alexei Dmitrienko, and Keaven Anderson

August 3
Design and Analysis of Count and Zero-Inflated Data, presented by Mani Lakshminarayanan and Madhuja Mallick

Visit the online program for details.

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