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Section Readies for JSM, Workshop

1 June 2010 1,004 views No Comment
Jun Zhu, ENVR Publications Chair

    The Statistics and the Environment Section’s annual open business meeting/mixer is tentatively scheduled for the evening of August 2, during the Joint Statistical Meetings in Vancouver, British Columbia. There will be appetizers, drinks, and mingling during this networking opportunity. In addition, several awards will be presented and members will have the opportunity to voice their opinions about the section’s activities. ENVR also will sponsor the following:

    Student Paper Competition Winners
    First Place: David Dail of Oregon State University for “Models for Estimating Population Size from Repeated Counts of an Open Population”

      Runner-Up: Ying Sun of Texas A&M University for “Functional Boxplots for Complex Space-Time Data Visualization”


    • Comparing Climate Models to Weather Data, organized by Peter Guttorp of the University of Washington/Norwegian Computing Center
      • Invited and Topic-Contributed Sessions

      • Environmental Statistics in the Real World: Research from Scientists at Government Agencies, organized by Veronica J. Berrocal of SAMSI
        • Spatial Statistical Methods for Environmental Extremes, organized by Catherine Calder of The Ohio State University
          • Statistics and Public Policy: Some Case Studies, organized by James R. Thompson of Rice University
            • Advances in the Theory and Methodology of Spatial Point Processes, organized by Jun Zhu of Colorado State University
              • Environmental Statistics, organized by Yasmin H. Said of George Mason University
                • Statistical Methods for Multivariate Spatial and Spatial-Temporal Processes, organized by Mikyoung Jun of Texas A&M University
                  • Statistical Complexities Arising from Ecological Simplifications: Possible Solutions or Further Complications?, organized by Megan Higgs of Montana State University and chaired by Mark Delorey of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
                    • Climate Extremes and Paleoclimate, organized by Richard Smith of The University of North Carolina
                      • Geostatistical Modeling for Environmental Data, organized by Brian Reich of North Carolina State University and chaired by Michele Guindani of the University of New Mexico
                        • Sampling, Estimation, and Inference for Natural Resource Problems, organized by Ronald E. McRoberts of the U.S. Forest Service and chaired by Lance Waller of Emory University
                          • Distance Sampling: Advances and Applications, organized by Joel Howard Reynolds of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and chaired by Daniel Cooley of Colorado State University
                            • Challenges in Interdisciplinary Spatial and Spatiotemporal Analysis, organized by Alexander Kolovos of SAS Institute
                              • Visit the online program for details.

                                JSM 2011
                                JSM 2011 will be held July 30–August 4 in Miami Beach, Florida. Ideas for invited sessions should be sent to Devin Johnson, ENVR program chair, at Devin.Johnson@noaa.gov.

                                Upcoming Workshop

                                Space-Time Statistics to Evaluate the Impacts of Climate on Health and Renewable Energy will take place October 14–16 at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. This workshop will cover state-of-the-art applications and statistical methods needed to assess the impacts of climate change on health and renewable energy. Sessions on applications include recent advances in climate change research, impacts on human health, and challenges in development and penetration of renewable energy. The spatio-temporal data collected in health and energy applications present interesting and challenging statistical problems, such as modeling of space-time correlation, synthesis of data from multiple sources, and assessment of uncertainties. Technical sessions will cover recent developments in space-time statistical methods, Bayesian methodology, and extreme value analysis. Additionally, there will be a poster session, and a one-day short course will be offered on October 14. Click here for more information or contact Amanda S. Hering at ahering@mines.edu or Bo Li at boli@purdue.edu.

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