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Journal Seeks Undergraduates Interested in Research

1 July 2010 812 views No Comment

The Journal of Young Investigators (JYI) is soliciting staff applications and news, feature, and research article submissions. Founded in 1997, JYI publishes peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts, news, and features articles, as well as information pertinent to careers in science. It is the premier monthly research journal organized entirely by undergraduates.

Students interested in joining the staff are encouraged to submit applications for the following positions:

  • Senior news and features editor
  • Director of the careers center
  • Director of human resources
  • Science journalist
  • Research associate editor
  • Career researcher
  • Human resources officer
  • Public relations graphic designer

All JYI staff members contribute their time on an unpaid basis and should possess a passion for promoting scientific research.

Undergraduates also are encouraged to submit manuscripts in biology, chemistry, engineering, the physical sciences, mathematics, psychology, and other social sciences. Senior honors theses and summer research projects are especially welcome. Submissions are peer-reviewed by JYI’s editorial staff and considered for online publication.

Represented at more than 50 academic institutions and in nearly a dozen countries, JYI has been featured in Nature, The New York Times, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

For more information regarding opportunities for student involvement, visit the participation page on the JYI website. Direct all questions to Tim Xu, director of public relations, at dpr@jyi.org or Sherry Yu, director of human resources, at dhr@jyi.org.

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