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Q&P Readies for 2011 Conferences

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The 28th annual Quality and Productivity Research Conference (QPRC), themed “Quality and Productivity in a Global Economy,” will take place June 8–10 in Roanoke, Virginia, and feature a range of technical sessions covering topics in reliability, the design and analysis of experiments (including computer experiments), statistical process control, and measurement systems analysis, with other topics useful to statisticians and quality control professionals.

Call for Short Courses
All three annual conferences in which the Section on Quality and Productivity is involved offer short courses. There is always an interest in receiving proposals for short courses you may have or would like to develop. We also would love to hear about short courses you would like to attend or have seen in other venues that may still be appropriate at one of the aforementioned conferences. Contact Reid Landes at rdlandes@uams.edu.

Additionally, Ronald Snee and Roger Hoerl will provide a short course on June 7, titled “Using Statistical Engineering to Solve Large, Unstructured Problems.” Speaking from vast experience, they will increase participants’ understanding of statistical engineering and its applications, teach how to assess and increase the impact of statistical studies, and provide the opportunity to create and critique personal action plans using statistical engineering. Registration is open for both the short course and conference.

Joint Statistical Meetings

At the 2011 Joint Statistical Meetings in Miami Beach, Florida, the section will sponsor one invited session and five roundtables.

Connie Borror has organized a session titled “Quality Issues in Health Care,” inviting speakers Benjamin Kemper, Jason Gillikin, Victoria Jordan, and James Benneyan. These speakers will discuss resource efficiency, quality issues, and systems engineering in health care.

Roundtables provide an opportunity for networking and discussing relevant statistical topics while enjoying a meal with colleagues. Willis Jensen will lead “Effective Statistical Training in Industry.” Alyson Wilson, along with other participants, will discuss practical issues related to Bayesian reliability. Stefan Steiner will guide a discussion about how to add excitement to the necessary task of measurement system assessment. Daksha Chokshi will explore lessons learned from successful manufacturing and Six Sigma design applications in “Quality Excellence in Design and Manufacturing: A Roadmap to Customer Delight.” And Jennifer Van Mullekom will help participants answer the question, “What Is a Statistical Engineer, and Do I Want to Be One?”

Fall Technical Conference

The 55th annual Fall Technical Conference will take place in Kansas City, Missouri, October 13–14. “Quality and Statistics: Getting up to Date” is the theme. Two short courses will be offered on October 12 and two more on October 15.

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