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Discussion Papers Wanted

1 June 2011 1,296 views No Comment

The Research Section of the Royal Statistical Society is seeking manuscripts for possible publication, with discussion, in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B (JRSSB). With a five-year impact factor of 4.75, JRSSB is ranked as second by the ISI Web of Knowledge in the Statistics and Probability category and first among mainstream statistics journals.

Publication of discussion papers is a long-standing tradition of the journal. Upon acceptance, a discussion paper is presented before the society at one of its ordinary meetings and published in the journal with contributions from discussants and the authors’ response. Typically, JRSSB discussion papers attract a large number of discussion contributions, either presented at the meeting or submitted subsequently in writing, and go on to become highly cited.

Papers should contain original work that is at the leading edge of methodological development and have a strong emphasis on relevance to statistical practice and the clear potential for stimulating discussion. This includes papers on statistical models, methods of analysis, and the theory that underlies them—almost invariably motivated or illustrated by real examples.

JRSSB aims to disseminate work that is innovative, insightful, and likely to have a substantial impact on the way data are collected and analyzed. Within these parameters, the journal’s scope is broad, embracing, for example, relevant work in applied probability, computational methods, and the foundations of statistics. Discussion papers should be written to attract a large and varied audience and encourage discussion contributions from others. Papers written for specialist groups are unlikely to be accepted.

To submit your work, go to ScholarOne Manuscripts and choose “Paper for Reading–Series B” as Manuscript Type. For questions, email the research section secretary, Piotr Fryzlewicz, at p.fryzlewicz@lse.ac.uk.

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