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Risk Analysis Section Invites All to JSM Events

1 July 2011 556 views No Comment

At this year’s JSM in Miami Beach, Florida, the Section on Risk Analysis is sponsoring numerous events and invites you to participate in them. The section’s annual joint mixer with the Section on Statistics in Defense and National Security is August 1, from 6–8 p.m. This will be a festive event, in which colleagues and friends have a chance to mingle and discover the most recent happenings within both sections. At the mixer, the section will recognize its two student/young researcher awardees.

In addition to the joint mixer, the section will sponsor the following two invited sessions, two topic-contributed sessions, and three contributed sessions. For details, refer to the online program.

July 31

Risk and Benefits from the Sky

  • Parametric Cost Modeling for Space Telescopes
  • Spectral Density Ratio Models for Multivariate Extremes
  • Modeling Weather-Related Uncertainties in Electricity Generation for Mid-Term Risk Management

August 1

Pragmatic Risk Studies

  • Hard-to-Study Risk/Benefit Forecasting Issues
  • Adaptive Reuse of National Public Health Survey Samples for Estimating Hard-to-Locate Population Characteristics
  • Adversarial Risk Analysis
  • Design of Cost-Effective Experiments

August 2

Bernie Harris: A Life in Statistics

  • Some Memories of Bernie Harris
  • Bernard Harris’ Contributions to Engineering Statistics: Reliability, Tolerance Limits, and Service to the U.S. Army
  • Bernie Harris’ Contributions to Cluster Analysis

August 3

Health and Medical Risk

  • Theory of Individual Health Histories and Dependent Competing Risks
  • ABO/RH Blood Types Affect the Adequacy and Resilience of the U.S. Blood Supply
  • The Effect of Hazard Assumptions on Split Selection Criteria and Predictive Error in Survival Trees
  • Fitting Lin and Ying’s Additive Hazards Regression Model Using a Weighted Least Squares Estimator for Poisson Regression
  • Some Measures of Comparing Risk in Clustered Epidemiological Data

Applications in Risk Analysis

  • Truncated Sequential Procedures
  • Estimation of Catastrophic Losses and Tail Distributions Through Some Extreme Value Distributions
  • The Impact of Previous Claims on the Future Claims: An Application to the French Automobile Insurance Market

Are Hurricane Risks Increasing?

  • On the Increasing Intensity of the Strongest Atlantic Hurricanes
  • Changes in North Atlantic Basin Hurricanes
  • Hurricanes and Global Warming: Expectations Versus Observations

August 4

Risk Methodology

  • Bayesian Uncertainty Analysis of PBPK Model Predictions for Permethrin in Rats
  • Time-to-Event Analysis in PK/PD Modeling: Computation and Model Selection
  • Bayesian Monotonic Semiparametric Benchmark Dose Analysis
  • Construction of Disease Risk Scoring Systems Using Logistic Group Lasso: Application to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Survey Data
  • Bayesian Risk Assessment of Cumulative Exposure to Organophosphates with Censored Observations
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