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Women in Statistics Conference: How Can You Get Involved?

1 July 2011 1,678 views No Comment
Dalene Stangl, ASA Committee on Women in Statistics Chair

    Through their strategic initiative program, the ASA has provided seed support for a “women in statistics” conference to be held in 2013. Amanda Golbeck, Lynn Palmer, and Jennifer Parker—current, future, and past presidents of the Caucus for Women in Statistics—and Dalene Stangl, chair of the ASA Committee on Women in Statistics are the organizers. The conference will bring together statisticians from academia, government, and industry to celebrate the contributions of women in statistics and promote the status of women in the field. The conference program will support the following four objectives:

    1. Promote the status of women in statistics via reviewing the status of women, raising and exploring issues specific to women, and identifying skills to enhance the visibility and effectiveness of women
    2. Support the integration of women into statistics via acknowledging and highlighting diverse career pathways, highlighting various ways of adapting to detours along typical pathways, and integrating women at different career stages
    3. Provide professional development for women in statistics via professional development workshops, including negotiation skills, public speaking, and technical skills
    4. Build supportive networks and learning communities for women in statistics via roundtable discussions, world cafés, and celebrations of legacy women

    How can you get involved? There will be three meetings during JSM in Miami Beach, Florida, at which conference planning will be discussed. Attend any or all three:

    • July 21, immediately following the First-Time Attendee Orientation and Reception
    • August 1, 7:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. at the caucus breakfast roundtables (HQ-Americana Salon 4)
    • August 2, 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. at the caucus business and social meeting (HQ-Neptune)

    Won’t be at JSM or can’t wait that long? Send an email to Golbeck (amanda.golbeck@umontana.edu), Palmer (lpalmer@mdanderson.org), Parker (jdparker@aol.com), or Stangl (dalene@stat.duke.edu).

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