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ASA-SIAM Series Books Marketed Worldwide

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Marketing begins before a book in the ASA-SIAM Series on Statistics and Applied Probability has even published, and we use a variety of means to reach readers all over the globe.

Major Book Promotions
Brochures, flyers, and announcements mail worldwide to 35,000–50,000 individuals and advertise both new books and related backlist publications.

Textbook Promotions
Books appropriate for classroom use are heavily marketed to department chairs and targeted lists of instructors teaching appropriate courses, including through direct mailings that offer examination copies. SIAM annually publishes a six-page textbook brochure, featuring more than 100 new and backlist textbook titles arranged by primary subject category. Our Textbook Adoption Discount program offers a 20% discount on textbooks for students who buy an adopted text directly from SIAM and provide a discount code their instructor obtains from us.

Print and Online Catalogs
SIAM produces a comprehensive print catalog annually that is promoted to more than 25,000 individuals who have expressed interest in our books. Copies are mailed to agents, retailers, libraries, and department heads. Our online catalog is constantly updated to reflect the newest publications and to provide customers with access to our backlist and information about forthcoming titles.

Space Ads
We run space ads in SIAM publications (SIAM News, Unwrapped, SIAM journals, conference programs, and activity group newsletters), ASA publications, and those of other academic organizations and publishers.

Electronic Announcements and Book Alerts
With the publication of each book, we forward agents and e-retailers key book information, including a content summary, to be added to all appropriate databases and websites. We also send announcements to appropriate email bulletin boards and forums.

We compile a book alert email list for readers who indicate interest in any of our more than 35 specific market categories; upon publication, we send emails to everyone who has indicated interest in the subject categories covered by the new book. Announcements are made through SIAM Facebook and Twitter accounts and in the e-newsletters of both the ASA and SIAM.

Book Review Copies
We send a copy of each new book to the book review editors of appropriate technical journals. Copies of all published reviews are sent to the authors, and quotes are pulled from the reviews for future promotions.

Online and Brick-and-Mortar Bookstores
Our books can be found in campus and technical bookstores worldwide. We continue to expand the visibility of our books in brick-and-mortar bookstores through personal contact and major mailings. All books are also available through Amazon.com, and their content may be searched on Google.com.

We display our books at many large and small conferences, including JSM, and we advertise in conference programs.

Partnership with Cambridge University Press
SIAM collaborates with Cambridge University Press (CUP) to optimize distribution channels, pricing, and service to both member and nonmember customers outside North America. CUP’s representatives call on libraries and bookstores to encourage sales of our titles, and their relationship with Amazon.uk and Amazon.de ensures that our prices on these sites are equivalent to U.S. prices. Customers outside North America can save on shipping fees, pay in local currency, and receive their orders more quickly by ordering through CUP.

Consider the ASA-SIAM series for your first or next book, and enjoy the benefits of these and other marketing strategies. Contact Sara J. Murphy, series acquisitions editor, at Murphy@siam.org for more information.

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