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Second ASA Conference on Statistical Practice to Be a Success

1 November 2012 612 views No Comment
Philip Scinto
    ASA Conference on Statistical Practice Steering Committee
    Moon Jung Cho
    Sylvia Miller Dohrmann
    Dominique M. A. Haughton
    Lee-Ann C. Hayek
    William Kahn
    Dennis Kunimura
    Aric LaBarr
    Donald W. McCormack
    Sam Murray
    Jyoti N. Rayamajhi
    Jim Rutherford
    Keith Schleicher
    David C. Schlotzhauer
    Philip R. Scinto
    LeAnna G. Stork
    Winson Taam
    Jennifer H. Van Mullekom
    Wenjin Wang
    Amy E. Farris
    Kathleen Phillips Wert
    Stephen Porzio

    Just one, simple, short year ago, we were anxiously anticipating the inaugural ASA Conference on Statistical Practice. Today, with one successful conference now behind us and armed with a plethora of insightful and useful feedback from the participants, we are eager for our second conference, which will take place at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel from February 21–23, 2013, in the great city of New Orleans.

    Once again, the steering committee has organized a terrific program, with talks, courses, tutorials, and posters focused on the needs of applied and consulting statisticians concerned with urgent problems, issues, and systems for clients and organizations to improve processes, products, and decisions. Due to the success of our feedback session and the drawing of door prizes at the conclusion of the inaugural conference, those events also are planned again for New Orleans. Also note that Bob Starbuck will deliver the keynote address, “Some Thoughts on How to Be More Successful,” which I can hardly wait to hear and enjoy. Please check out the program. Better yet, register for the conference and sign up for the courses.

    Early registration for the conference closes on December 31. The housing deadline is January 25, 2013, and the conference registration deadline is February 7, 2013. Our goal is to maintain a cozy, intimate, and personal feel to the conference, so register early, before all the conference spots and courses are filled.

    It is worth reminding everybody that this conference is for you. When you are in a course or attending a session, do not shy away from asking how the work presented is applied and how it can help you be a better statistical practitioner. When you attend the closing feedback session on February 23, we urge you to speak up and let us know how the conference has or has not served you, as well as offer suggestions for improvements.

    Once again, we are delighted to be part of something special. Please join us at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel in 2013!

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