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Want to Learn More About SRMS?

1 March 2013 60 views No Comment

The Survey Research Methods Section (SRMS) publications officer, John Finamore, shares the ways the section publicizes its activities, including the most recent newsletter (PDF download). The section newsletter is produced in January and July each year.

The most prominent SRMS publication tool is the SRMS website, which includes the most up-to-date information about the SRMS-sponsored competitions and awards, including the Waksberg Award, SRMS Student Travel Award, the Student Paper Competition, and the E.C. Bryant Scholarship Award. In addition, the website includes proceedings of the SRMS-sponsored Joint Statistical Meetings sessions from 1978–2011 (the 2012 proceedings will be posted later this year).

To reach our constituents that prefer having their SRMS news delivered directly to them, we produce a SRMS newsletter twice a year (January and July). As usual, the January 2013 newsletter is chock full of interesting information including the following:

  • A “State of the Section” article from the outgoing Section Chair, John Czajka.
  • An article from incoming Section Chair, Jill Montaquila, that outlines the SRMS activities planned for the year and the opportunities that exist for members to get involved.
  • A quick update from our Council of Sections Representatives, Tony An and Chris Moriarity.
  • A report from the SRMS Program Chair, Frauke Kreuter, that mentions some changes in store for the 2013 JSM (including SRMS’s participation in a pilot session format called a SPEED session).
  • An introduction of the Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology.
  • An article by Steve Pierson providing an overview of the bill introduced in the House of Representatives banning the use of incentives in federal surveys.
  • An announcement for the 2013 Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology Research Conference scheduled for November 4-6, 2013.

Other outreach tools are Amstat News and the ASA Twitter and Facebook social networking sites. In most issues of Amstat News, you will find an article or two from SRMS, and the section uses the ASA social networking sites to post reminders of upcoming events and activities. Send Finamore ideas for future Amstat News articles or Twitter/Facebook posts. In addition, if you have ideas or suggestions for improving the section’s publication activities, contact Finamore at jfinamor@nsf.gov.

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