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SPES to Sponsor Four Roundtables at JSM

1 April 2013 105 views No Comment
James G. Wendelberger, Urban Science Applications and SPES JSM Program Chair-Elect

    Roundtables are a highlight of the JSM program, as they provide a unique opportunity to have an informal discussion with a small group about a topic of interest. This year, the ASA Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences will sponsor the following four roundtables:

    1. “Boost Your Spatiotemporal Data Analysis with Physical Knowledge,” led by Alexander Kolovos of SpaceTimeWorks, LLC. Join this roundtable to generate ideas about applying related principles in your research and to discuss your approaches when you cope with similar analyses.
    2. “Solving High-Impact Problems in the 21st Century,” led by Ronald Snee of Snee Associates, LLC. Roundtable participants will discuss how global competition and ubiquitous electronic communication systems have made it imperative that significant changes be made in how statisticians work if they are to remain competitive.
    3. “Case Studies in Graphics: The Best Plot I Ever Made,” led by Elizabeth Schiferl of The Lubrizol Corporation. Here is your chance to share a particularly effective plot that you used to display the findings of an analysis or that translated an ugly table into something that was beautiful and brought clarity or discovery.
    4. “Reconciling Simulator and Observational Data,” led by Thomas Santner of The Ohio State University. This roundtable will seek to pool the experiences of those faced with calibration to identify a set of best, or at least useful, practices.

    Check out the JSM 2013 online program for detailed descriptions of the roundtables. Each roundtable is limited to 10 people, so register early.

    Also, SPES has scholarships available for students to attend a SPES-sponsored roundtable. To apply, contact James G. Wendelberger at JGWendelberger@UrbanScience.com by May 1.

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