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The First-Ever Blog on Math Blogs

1 June 2013 121 views No Comment

The American Mathematical Society is pleased to announce the Blog on Math Blogs—Two mathematicians tour the mathematical blogosphere. Editors Brie Finegold of the University of Arizona and Evelyn Lamb, a freelance math and science writer, blog on blogs related to math in the news, mathematics research, applied mathematics, mathematicians, mathematics education, math and the arts, and more. Finegold and Lamb, both past AAAS-AMS Mass Media Fellows and PhD mathematicians, will write their thoughts about interesting blogs from around the world and invite reactions from readers.

Visit the Blog on Math Blogs and view the first two posts: “Win at Math!,” by Finegold and “The Mathematics of Planet Earth,” by Lamb. There is an RSS Feed available for notification of new posts.

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