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Pioneers of Industrial Statistics: An Interview with Stu Hunter

1 August 2013 118 views No Comment
Lynne Hare


    Did you ever wonder how the use of statistical thinking and methods began in companies such as General Electric, DuPont, and General Motors? We are better statisticians and better as a statistical community when we know more about our statistical roots.

    With this in mind, a small group of statisticians launched a series of interviews with J. Stuart Hunter—emeritus professor at Princeton University, first editor of Technometrics, past president of the ASA, co-author of BH2, and honorary member of ASQ—to hear about who he thinks did much to expand the creation, knowledge, and application of statistical thinking and methods to the betterment of industry and society.

    The interviews are impromptu and brief, each lasting no more than 12 minutes. They are intended for those who:

    • Teach statistics and believe, as we do, that student familiarity with development context aids understanding
    • Wish to know more about the origins of the methods they use
    • Enjoy Hunter’s easy, affable style of presentation

    As Brian Joiner put it so well, “Stu is the Johnny Appleseed of statistics.” Wouldn’t we all do well to learn from his examples and methods? Interviews may be seen on YouTube.

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