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Nominations for 2014 Don Owen Award Sought

1 November 2013 141 views No Comment

The San Antonio Chapter is accepting nominations from ASA chapters in North America for the 2014 Don Owen Award, which is presented to a statistician who embodies the three-fold accomplishments of Donald B. Owen: excellence in research, statistical consultation, and service to the statistical community.

Nominees must be a member of the ASA, but are not required to be a member of the nominating chapter. In addition to a cover letter highlighting the accomplishments of the nominee, the nomination packet must contain the following supporting information:

  • Name of the nominee
  • Degrees (titles, dates, schools)
  • Present position(s), followed by significant former positions (with dates)
  • List of major publications having statistical content
  • List of activities related to teaching and dissemination of statistical knowledge
  • List of consulting activities related to statistical problems or editorial contributions
  • List of activities supporting the mission of the ASA and related professional organizations

To nominate someone, send the nomination packet as a PDF via email to cuellarf@uiwtx.edu with “Owen Award” in the subject field. Alternatively, six copies of the nomination packet can be mailed to Cuéllar Fuentes, Mathematics Department, University of the Incarnate Word, 4301 Broadway, CPO 311, San Antonio, TX 78209. The deadline for nominations is February 7, 2014.

Before his death in 1991, Owen was distinguished professor of statistics at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He authored seven textbooks, seven monographs, and more than 75 articles in refereed journals; trained 19 doctoral and master’s students; served as an applied statistician for 10 years at the Sandia Corporation; and operated a private consulting firm that specialized in quality control. Owen was editor of Communications in Statistics for both Series A and B, associate editor of Technometrics and JASA, and editor of more than 50 textbooks.

For questions about the award, call (210) 829-3170.

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