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A Volume in Celebration of the International Year of Statistics

1 March 2014 53 views No Comment
Jerry Lawless


    In early 2013, the Statistical Society of Canada commissioned a volume of expository articles in celebration of the International Year of Statistics. The resulting book, Statistics in Action: A Canadian Outlook, is being published by Taylor & Francis/CRC Press in March 2014. By agreement with the publisher, an electronic version will be available for free.

    The objectives for the volume are to present for a general audience some of the ways statistics contributes to science, technology, business, government, and other areas while highlighting important contributions being made by Canadians. We hope that in addition to serving an educational function, the book will motivate students and others to learn more about statistics and its role in diverse fields.

    The volume was edited by Jerry Lawless and prepared for publication by Christian Genest. It features 21 articles by leading Canadian researchers, covering a wide range of statistical methodology. Many subject areas are represented within the applications described, including climate change, e-commerce, ecology, financial engineering, genetics, medicine, public health, and resource management. Two articles, on the development of statistics in Canada and on Statistics Canada’s contributions to survey methodology, provide historical perspectives. A table of contents can be found on the website.

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