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2014 NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences in the Mathematical Sciences

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The National Science Foundation recently announced support for eight NSF-CBMS regional research conferences to be held during 2014. These eight bring to 353 the total number of such conferences since the NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conference Series began in 1969.

The conferences are intended to stimulate interest and activity in mathematical research. Each five-day conference features a distinguished lecturer who delivers 10 lectures on a topic of important current research in one sharply focused area of the mathematical sciences. The lecturer subsequently prepares an expository monograph based upon these lectures, which is normally published as part of a regional conference series. Depending on the conference topic, the monograph is published by the American Mathematical Society, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, or jointly by the American Statistical Association and Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

Support for about 30 participants is provided, and the conference organizer invites both established researchers and interested newcomers—including postdoctoral fellows and graduate students—to attend. Information about an individual conference may be obtained by contacting the conference organizer.

A listing of all past conferences and published monographs is available on the NSF-CBMS home page. Visit the website for information about submitting proposals for future conferences. Institutions interested in increasing their research activity and profiles are especially encouraged to apply. Proposals for conferences to be held in 2015 are due by April 25. Questions should be directed to Ronald Rosier at rosier@georgetown.edu

The eight conferences to be held in 2014 are the following:

Combinatorial Zeta and L-Functions

Wen-Ching Winnie Li, lecturer
May 12–16 at the Sundance Resort, Utah
Organizers: Jasbir S. Chahal, jasbir@math.byu.edu, and Michael D. Barrus, barrus@math.byu.edu

Inverse Scattering and Transmission Eigenvalues

David Colton, lecturer
May 27–31 at The University of Texas at Arlington
Organizer: Tuncay Aktosun, aktosun@uta.edu

Mathematical Foundations of Transformation Optics

Allan Greenleaf, lecturer
June 10–15 at Howard University
Organizers: M. F. Mahmood, mmahmood@howard.edu, and Anjan Biswas, abiswah@desu.edu

Quantum Spin Systems

Bruno Nachtergaele, lecturer
June 16–20 at the University of Alabama at Birmingham
Organizers: Shannon Starr, slstarr@uab.edu; Paul H. Jung, pjung@uab.edu; and Gunter Stolz, stolz@uab.edu

Fast Direct Solvers for Elliptic PDEs

Gunnar Martinsson, lecturer
June 23–27 at Dartmouth College
Organizers: Alex H. Barnett, ahb@math.dartmouth.edu; Min Hyung Cho, Min.H.Cho@dartmouth.edu; Adrianna Gillman, adrianna.gillman@dartmouth.edu; and Leslie F. Greengard, greengard@courant.nyu.edu

Mathematical Phylogeny Conference

Mike Steel, lecturer
June 28–July 2 at Winthrop University
Organizers: Joe Rusinko, rusinkoj@winthrop.edu, and Trent Kull, kullt@winthrop.edu

Higher Representation Theory

Raphael Rouquier, lecturer
July 6–10 at North Carolina State University
Organizer: Naihuan Jing, jing@unity.ncsu.edu

Problems of PDEs Related to Fluids

Peter Constantin, lecturer
July 21–25 at Oklahoma State University
Organizer: Jiahong Wu, jiahong@math.okstate.edu

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