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This Month in ASA’s History–April

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During the April board meeting, remarks were made by then president Edward Jarvis on discrepancies of reports on the Worcester Insane Hospital. A committee, consisting of Jarvis and Lemuel Shattuck, were appointed to use endeavors with the Boston Legislative Committee for such reports, so they may be more correct.


The board of directors established a special first-year dues rate of $3 for new members under 30 years of age. The reduced rate was introduced to make it possible for graduate students and young people starting out in their careers to join the association.


The American Statistical Association and Institute of Mathematical Statistics jointly sponsored the brochure, “Careers in Statistics.” The brochure, designed to meet a long-felt need for a short guide for young people considering statistics as a career, was developed by a joint committee headed by Bernard Greenberg.


In the April issue of Amstat News, the ASA Committee on the Sesquicentennial announced there would be a time capsule as part of the 150th anniversary celebration. Suggestions for the material—which were to be one cubic foot—were mailed to Ronald Snee, chair of the committee.

Famous April Birthdays

David Blackwell, Andrey Nikolaevich Kolmogorov, Jerzy Neyman, and Henry Scheffe

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