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Physical and Engineering Sciences Section News

1 May 2014 47 views No Comment
Tena Katsaounis, The Ohio State University

Whether you are curious about the Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences (SPES) or you are already a member, join us for a roundtable discussion about SPES activities and programs at JSM this August.

SPES members have the opportunity to present their work at conferences sponsored by SPES—including the Joint Statistical Meetings, Joint Research Conference, and Fall Technical Conference—and publish in the proceedings of sponsored conferences. Members also can publish technical or nontechnical articles in the SPES newsletter and SPES columns in Amstat News.

In addition, members can participate in focused committees or special interest groups (e.g., Chemometrics Committee) and liaison with other technical societies or journals, as well as participate in the SPES Marquardt Memorial Industrial Speakers Program and other SPES-sponsored programs. Tell us about your interests and find out how you can become an active member of SPES.

For time and place, visit the online program. Also, encourage new members or graduate students who are potential members to attend.

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