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Q&P Plans for Fall Technical Conference, Short Course

1 July 2014 34 views No Comment
Jin Xia

The 58th annual Fall Technical Conference (FTC) will be held October 2–3 in Richmond, Virginia. Prior to the conference, on October 1, Q&P will sponsor a short course, “Definitive Screening Designs: What, Why, and How,” by Bradley Jones of JMP and Christopher Nachtsheim of the University of Minnesota.

Definitive screening designs (DSDs) are a new class of designs for factor screening in which screening is performed at three levels for quantitative factors and the designs project to highly efficient response surface designs in the active factors if just a few active effects are found, achieving screening and optimization in one step.

This course will introduce DSDs in their simplest form (where all the factors are quantitative), demonstrate their extra capabilities over standard two-level fractional factorial and Plackett-Burman screening designs, show how to generate DSDs when there are additional two-level categorical factors, and explain how to orthogonally block these designs. Practical examples including data and ideas for analysis on such designs will be provided.

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