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Staff Spotlight: Megan Ruyle

1 June 2015 78 views No Comment


I’m Megan Ruyle, the ASA’s newest graphic designer and production coordinator. I am a native North Carolinian with Yankee parents, so that’s why I don’t have an accent and use “you guys” interchangeably with “y’all.” I attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and majored in English after realizing marine biology was not the field for me. Hanging out at the beach and running the school newspaper, however, totally rocked.

After working as a copy editor for a few years, I decided that maybe I wanted to be a professor and attended graduate school at the University of Missouri’s famed school of journalism. Academic life was not for me, and I returned to newspapers, moving first to a town in Maine 15 minutes from where Stephen King was born (and yes, his books make a lot more sense now) and then to the Washington, DC, area, where I worked as a production designer at a publication that covered Congress. I joined the ASA excited to learn about this amazing community and organization, and I look forward to meeting the ASA’s members at JSM in August.

I spend most days thinking about my 1-year-old son, Owen, and my husband, Tom. I also think about what’s for dinner and how to squeeze in a workout so I’m not out of breath as I chase an active toddler around the house (and up the stairs, and in the yard, and away from the dog food, and …).

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