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Call for Nominations: Best Nonclinical Statistical Application Paper Award

1 July 2015 101 views One Comment

The Nonclinical Biostatistics Leaders’ Forum (NCBLF) announces a call for nominations for best nonclinical statistical application paper published during 2011–2014. The NCBLF seeks to recognize excellence in nonclinical statistical science.

Papers must have been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal and demonstrate an important statistical application in any pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical nonclinical subject context. Nonclinical context is defined as the following:

  • Discovery/biomarkers/-omics
  • Preclinical toxicology/safety/pharmacology
  • Chemistry manufacturing and controls (CMC)
  • Medical devices

Submissions will be evaluated based on innovation, influence on statistical practice, or impact on the interface of regulatory and statistical considerations. The winner(s) will be recognized at the NCB2015 conference in October.

Nominations, including a nomination letter and the publication, should be submitted to the NCB2015 conference website by August 15.

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  • Emil Friedman said:

    What is the The Nonclinical Biostatistics Leaders’ Forum (NCBLF)? How do I contact it? The link on this page merely goes to the upcoming conference.