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1 February 2016 19 views No Comment
Greg Piepel, SPES Industrial Speakers Program Chair

    The SPES Marquardt Memorial Speakers Program—established in the early 1990s to encourage careers in applied statistics—facilitates visits of experienced applied statisticians to colleges and universities to give seminars and meet with students and professors. SPES reimburses the host institution up to $1,000 to cover the expenses of the speaker’s visit.

    Speakers provide information to students about (i) what an applied statistician does; (ii) how they solve problems in science, engineering, technology, and business; and (iii) what nontechnical skills are required to be successful as an applied statistician.

    Institutions interested in having a speaker or SPES members interested in being on the speakers list (or working directly with a local institution to set up a visit) should contact Greg Piepel at greg.piepel@pnnl.gov or (509) 375-6911.

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