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Third eCOTS to Focus on Changing with Technology

2 May 2016 64 views No Comment

The 2016 Electronic Conference on Teaching Statistics (eCOTS) will be held online May 16–20. eCOTS is hosted by the Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education (CAUSE) during even years and focuses on undergraduate statistics education.

This year’s conference theme is “Changing with Technology.” Advances in technology provide both new opportunities and demands when it comes to statistics education. eCOTS 2016 is designed to spark new ideas for how to change with technology, help bring existing ideas to fruition, and provide a forum for us to learn from and engage with each other.

eCOTS 2016 will feature two keynote speakers: Andrew Gelman of Columbia University will give a talk titled “Changing Everything at Once: Student-Centered Learning, Computerized Practice Exercises, Evaluation of Student Progress, and a Modern Syllabus to Create a Completely New Introductory Statistics Course” and Michael Jordan of the University of California at Berkeley will give a talk titled “Computational Thinking and Inferential Thinking: Foundations of Data Science.”

eCOTS will also include 18 active half-hour breakout sessions, 34 virtual poster presentations (short recorded videos), three two-hour workshops disseminating the results of NSF-supported projects in statistics education, eight birds-of-a-feather small-group discussions, and five panel discussions focusing on hot topics in teaching with technology, including two invited panels: “Teaching with Simulation-Based Inference” with Nicola Justice, Robin Lock, Allan Rossman, and Chris Wild and “Teaching Data Science” with Nicholas Horton, Jeff Leek, Deborah Nolan, and Andrew Schaffner. In addition to teaching simulation-based inference and data science, topics covered will include teaching a flipped or blended course; teaching with R/RStudio, Minitab, or JMP; teaching online; and “free and simple” ways to incorporate technology into your teaching.

Registration for eCOTS also includes the opportunity to participate in one of nine one-day, face-to-face conferences happening in various regions throughout the country that are designed to build local statistics education communities and integrate with the eCOTS theme of “Changing with Technology.”

See the website for more information and to register. Questions about eCOTS 2016 can be directed to the program chair, Kari Lock Morgan, at klm47@psu.edu.

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