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Biometrics Section Encourages Submitting JSM 2017 Invited Session Proposal

1 June 2016 80 views No Comment
Edited by Sheng Luo, Biometrics Section Publications Officer

    It’s time to start thinking about invited sessions for next year’s Joint Statistical Meetings, which will be held July 29 to August 3 in Baltimore, Maryland. Anyone who is interested in organizing an invited session or who has ideas for one should contact the section’s 2017 program chair, Barbara Englehardt, at bee@princeton.edu.

    A typical invited session consists of three 30-minute talks followed by a 10-minute invited discussion and 10 minutes of floor discussion. However, other formats are possible. The 2016 program is a good source for examples.

    The most mature ideas will have an advantage in competing for the limited number of slots, so it’s best to have your ideas in final form by the middle of June. The Biometrics Section will have at least four invited sessions, but we will be able to compete for additional slots if we generate enough good ideas.

    It’s also time to submit ideas for short courses to our 2016–2017 continuing education chair, Rosemarie Mick, at rmick@upenn.edu.

    Learn more about the section’s role in JSM 2016.

    Funding Awarded

    The Biometrics Section recently awarded funding to Diana Miglioretti as a representative of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) biostatistics faculty to attend the RSNA Clinical Trials Workshop in January 2017. The workshop presents an opportunity for RSNA biostatistics faculty members to mentor and train a biostatistician in the relevant methodology and art of collaborating with radiologists and imaging specialists.

    Visit STATtr@k for more information about the grant.

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