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[1 Aug 2017 | One Comment | 491 views]
Getting Paid: How to Determine Your Fee

Independent statistical consultants can bill by the hour or bill by the project, and there are trade-offs between the two approaches.

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[1 Aug 2017 | 2 Comments | 288 views]
What Does George Milliken Do When He Is Not Being a Statistician?

George A. Milliken talks about his hobbies outside of statistics.

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[1 Jul 2017 | 2 Comments | 553 views]
What Does Larry Moulton Like to Do When He Is Not Being a Statistician?

Larry Moulton shares his experience as a skydiver.

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[1 Jul 2017 | No Comment | 165 views]

Sameera R. Wijayawardana of the Committee on Applied Statisticians shares some of the best opportunities for applied statisticians at this year’s Joint Statistical Meetings.

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[1 Jul 2017 | No Comment | 22 views]

Mary Kwasny shares the Section on Statistical Consulting’s sessions, posters, and roundtables planned for JSM 2017—a diverse and provocative menu for those at all levels of career and interest.

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[1 Jul 2017 | No Comment | 93 views]

Steve Pierson, ASA director of science policy, breaks down the government’s FY17 final budget and reviews the FY18 requested budgets for federal statistical agencies.

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[1 Jun 2017 | No Comment | 246 views]
What Does Mary Sammel Do When She Is Not Being a Statistician?

Mary Dupuis Sammel is a professor of biostatistics at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia. In her spare time, she is a volunteer puppy raiser for The Seeing Eye, an organization that trains guide dogs for the visually impaired.

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[1 Jun 2017 | One Comment | 265 views]
Do You Need a Website?

This month, statistics consultant David Bristol discusses the pros and cons of having a website, based on feedback from members of the Consulting Section.

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[1 May 2017 | One Comment | 121 views]
What Does Fred Faltin Do When He Is Not Being a Statistician?

Frederick W. Faltin is the managing director and co-founder of The Faltin Group. In his spare time, he likes researching, finding, and photographing ghost towns in America’s western states.

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[1 Apr 2017 | No Comment | 295 views]
What Does Susan Hilsenbeck Do When She Is Not Being a Statistician?

Susan Hilsenbeck is a professor of medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. In her spare time, she likes to quilt and scuba dive.