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[1 Feb 2016 | No Comment | 69 views]

Steve Pierson, ASA Director of Science Policy, breaks down the Fiscal Year 2016 omnibus spending bill signed into law in December, which included needed increases for the National Institutes of Health and many federal statistical agencies.

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[1 Feb 2016 | No Comment | 197 views]
NSF Funding for Statisticians by Directorate

ASA Director of Science Policy Steve Pierson examines the implications of NSF’s funding for statisticians and shares tips for applying for funding outside the NSF Division of Mathematical Sciences.

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[1 Dec 2015 | No Comment | 143 views]

The ASA’s Committee on Funded Research is working to foster greater awareness of the importance of statistics at several funding agencies and to help ensure agency leadership has access to statistical expertise when needed.

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[1 Dec 2015 | No Comment | 107 views]

More than 30 companies are looking for interns for 2016. We have the complete list on STATtr@k.

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[1 Nov 2015 | One Comment | 323 views]
Statisticians in Sierra Leone

Dana Haberling and Jodi Vanden Eng both spent some time working as statisticians in Sierra Leone. Here, they share their experiences.

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[1 Nov 2015 | No Comment | 257 views]
Technological Advance and Economic Growth: Stagnation or Revival?

In March 2011, Gordon Reikard published a widely read Amstat News piece, “Stimulating Economic Growth Through Technological Advance,” exploring the connection between investment in technology and economic growth. Revisiting the topic four and half years later, Reikard discusses the prospects for economic growth through the end of the decade.

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[1 Oct 2015 | One Comment | 857 views]
Statistics Degrees Continue Strong Growth

The 2014 degree data released in late August by the National Center for Education Statistics reveal continued strong growth of undergraduate and graduate statistics and biostatistics degrees.

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[1 Aug 2015 | 5 Comments | 238 views]

Carl Letamendi says he has one foot in data science and one in statistics, but belongs to neither. In this month’s column, Letamendi shares where he thinks we stand in the ‘data science tug-of-war’ between computer science and statistical science.

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[1 Aug 2015 | One Comment | 306 views]
Management Tips from Reyna—My Cleaning Lady

Statistician Mark Otto learns a tip or two about organization and management from his cleaning lady, Renya.

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[1 Jul 2015 | One Comment | 267 views]
Applied JSM

There are many applied sessions taking place at this year’s JSM in Seattle. Here, Chuck Kincaid sorts through some of the best opportunities and lists them for you.