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[1 Nov 2015 | No Comment | 122 views]
ASA Seeks Editor Nominations, Applications

The ASA is seeking editor nominations and applications for JASA, CHANCE, TAS and SBR.

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[1 Nov 2015 | No Comment | 254 views]
Statisticians in Sierra Leone

Dana Haberling and Jodi Vanden Eng both spent some time working as statisticians in Sierra Leone. Here, they share their experiences.

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[1 Nov 2015 | No Comment | 203 views]
Technological Advance and Economic Growth: Stagnation or Revival?

In March 2011, Gordon Reikard published a widely read Amstat News piece, “Stimulating Economic Growth Through Technological Advance,” exploring the connection between investment in technology and economic growth. Revisiting the topic four and half years later, Reikard discusses the prospects for economic growth through the end of the decade.

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[1 Nov 2015 | 5 Comments | 1,060 views]
The Identity of Statistics in Data Science

Within the statistics community, there is a debate about whether data science and statistics are distinct disciplines. This conversation about data science betrays an anxiety about our (statisticians’) identity.

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[1 Oct 2015 | 7 Comments | 3,191 views]
ASA Statement on the Role  of Statistics in Data Science

The rise of data science, including Big Data and data analytics, has recently attracted enormous attention in the popular press for its spectacular contributions in a wide range of scholarly disciplines and commercial endeavors.

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[1 Oct 2015 | No Comment | 295 views]
Celebrate World Statistics Day

October 20 is the second World Statistics Day, the United Nation’s recognition and celebration of the importance of official statistics and those who collect and disseminate them around the world.

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[1 Oct 2015 | One Comment | 794 views]
Statistics Degrees Continue Strong Growth

The 2014 degree data released in late August by the National Center for Education Statistics reveal continued strong growth of undergraduate and graduate statistics and biostatistics degrees.

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[1 Oct 2015 | No Comment | 407 views]
The High Points of JSM

For those who were unable to attend or missed some of the activities, here are a few photos and highlights.

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[1 Oct 2015 | No Comment | 62 views]
ASA Leaders Reminisce: Sallie Keller

In the 10th installment of the Amstat News series of interviews with ASA presidents and executive directors, we feature a discussion with 2006 President Sallie Keller.

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[1 Sep 2015 | One Comment | 424 views]
Survey Research Scientists Tell Us What It Takes to Design a Survey

We wanted to know what it takes to develop and design a survey, so we interviewed Mario Callegaro and Gordon Willis, two research scientists. Both men will be featured speakers at the International Conference on Questionnaire Design, Development, Evaluation, and Testing, which will take place in Miami, Florida, in November 2016.