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[1 Oct 2014 | One Comment | 944 views]
You Are the Master of Your Master’s

Natalie Cheung Hall discusses the benefits of having a master’s degree.

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[1 Oct 2014 | 3 Comments | 856 views]
Time to Embrace a New Identity?

Thomas Speidel discusses the ever-changing statistics profession.

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[1 Oct 2014 | No Comment | 303 views]
The Crystal Ball Says …

With the big celebrations of the ASA’s 175th anniversary behind us, it’s only natural to ponder what the 25 years leading up to the association’s bicentennial will hold for statistical science. To get a glimpse of that future, we asked a group of ASA members and others in statistics to peer into their crystal balls and offer a projection.

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[1 Oct 2014 | No Comment | 111 views]
Workshops for Math, Science Teachers Held in Boston

The American Statistical Association sponsored a two-day Meeting Within a Meeting statistics workshop for middle- and high-school mathematics and science teachers August 5–6 during the 2014 Joint Statistical Meetings in Boston, Massachusetts.

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[1 Sep 2014 | No Comment | 241 views]
Saying ‘Yes‘ to ASA Enhances Career

Several volunteer superstars of the ASA tell us how and why they got involved.

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[1 Sep 2014 | One Comment | 821 views]
Analytics Evolution

Analytics is the process of generating data-driven knowledge, insights, and improved decisions by the integrated application of technologies such as computers, operational research, and statistics.

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[1 Sep 2014 | One Comment | 731 views]
Bachelor’s Degrees in Statistics Surge Another 20%

The recently released 2013 statistics and biostatistics degree data from the National Center for Education Statistics show continued robust growth for bachelor’s degrees.

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[1 Sep 2014 | One Comment | 518 views]
The Accidental Consultant

Paul Teetor offers recommendations for anyone considering freelancing.

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[1 Aug 2014 | One Comment | 189 views]
ESRA Winner Talks About Statistics at Work, Play

Morteza Marzjarani interviews Alan Schwarz, the 2013 winner of the Excellence in Statistical Reporting Award.

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[1 Aug 2014 | No Comment | 916 views]
What Is Simply Statistics?

The Amstat News staff interviews Jeff Leek, Roger Peng, and Rafa Irizarry about their blog, “Simply Statistics.”