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[1 Feb 2024 | No Comment | 274 views]
Staff Spotlight: Jacquelyn Ganskopp

Jacquelyn Ganskopp recently joined the finance team at the American Statistical Association.

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[1 Feb 2024 | No Comment | 135 views]

The January issue of JSDSE leads with a paper that recounts the difficult past of statistics, notably the role of eugenics in the development of the field. The author argues we must confront our history to move forward and provides guidance for addressing the troubling history in the classroom.

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[4 Jan 2024 | No Comment | 403 views]

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas launched the Office of Homeland Security Statistics in a November ceremony. The office is an expansion of the statistical activities at DHS, where previously the Office of Immigration Statistics—the Office of Homeland Security Statistics predecessor—covered only immigration statistics.

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[4 Jan 2024 | No Comment | 294 views]

Recently, a group involved in both JEDI and CAUSE came together to create a space to host resources for JEDI-informed statistics teaching: the JEDI-CAUSE website. Each entry is relevant to statistics and data science education and has a JEDI theme.

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[4 Jan 2024 | No Comment | 298 views]
Staff Spotlight: Jonathan Tolentino

Meet Jonathan Tolentino, the ASA’s new customer systems administrator.

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[2 Jan 2024 | No Comment | 299 views]

The International Conference on Data Science aimed to provide an overview of state-of-the-art research in statistical learning and data science, add diverse voices to the global debate in this area, and enrich the interdisciplinary dialogue between theory and application.

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[2 Jan 2024 | No Comment | 168 views]

The webinar, aimed at congressional staffers, was hosted by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, known as INFORMS, and moderated by INFORMS Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Jeff Cohen.

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[2 Jan 2024 | No Comment | 277 views]

On Friday, November 17, 2023, ASA President Dionne Price brought to order the final Board of Directors meeting of the year. Actions were decided, reports were given, and discussions were had. Read the highlights here.

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[2 Jan 2024 | No Comment | 227 views]

The ASA Board of Directors released a statement regarding the rejection of introductory probability and statistics textbooks after the ASA Committee on Scientific Freedom and Human Rights brought to its attention that the Florida Department of Education had four probability and statistics books on its “K–12 Mathematics Instructional Materials Not Recommended List” for 2021–2022.

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[2 Jan 2024 | No Comment | 298 views]

The workshop’s theme, “Embracing Change and Shaping the Future,” reflected the dynamic nature of the biotech-pharma field. All presentations and panel discussions aligned with the theme and offered insights into the latest trends, methodologies, and best practices in biotech-pharma statistics and analytical programming, in addition to career and leadership development.