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Salary Survey of Biostatistics and Other Biomedical Statistics Departments

1 January 2011 7,782 views 2 Comments
Keith Crank, ASA Research and Graduate Education Manager

Below are results from the fall 2010 Salary Survey of Biostatistics and Other Biomedical Statistics Departments and Units, conducted by the ASA. All salary figures are for a 12-month period. As in the past, previous salary survey data have been included for comparative purposes. The estimates are based on responses from 33 departments, plus a few individuals who responded to the survey. Questions regarding the tabulations should be addressed to Keith Crank, ASA research and graduate education manager. If you would like your biostatistical unit to participate in future surveys, contact Crank at keith@amstat.org.

Beginning with the 2009 survey, gender data were collected along with the salary information. Table 2 provides quartiles for the groups in Table 1, separated by gender.

In 2009, the ASA continued to collect data on nonfaculty, academic statisticians and biostatisticians. Table 3 provides information about the salaries for full-time, nonfaculty academic biostatisticians. (There were not enough responses for nonfaculty academic statisticians to provide summary statistics.) Quartiles are provided for categories that have nine or more respondents. The 90th percentile is provided for any category that has 19 or more respondents. All percentiles are rounded to the nearest $100. (The information for seven people with master’s degrees did not include years since highest degree. They are included in the row marked “All.”)

Table 1—Salaries for Faculty of Biostatistics and Other Biomedical Statistics Departments and Units

Table 2—Quartiles for the Groups in Table 1, Separated by Gender

Table 3—Salaries for Full-Time, Nonfaculty Academic Biostatisticians

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  • Susan Carson said:

    Is there any information for salaries for non-academic positions for statisticians, ie. in pharmaceutical companies?

    Thanks in advance,

    Susan Carson

  • Keith Crank said:

    Every two years, ASA’s SPAIG Committee conducts a salary survey of business, industry, and government. The results of all of the ASA slary surveys are available at http://www.amstat.org/careers/salaryinformation.cfm