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CSP 2020 Heading to West Coast in February

The Conference on Statistical Practice will take place in Sacramento, California, February 20–22 and provide opportunities for attendees to further their career development and strengthen relationships in the statistical community.

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The Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Directorate at the National Science Foundation will be releasing changes to several of its longstanding programs in the coming weeks.

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ASA President Karen Kafadar discusses how statistics can be used to find solutions for the challenge of text data.

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Kelly H. Zou, Jim Z. Li, and Nik Sethi of the Upjohn Division of Pfizer Inc. taught a three-part web-based lecture on generating and harnessing real-world evidence, health information technology, and artificial intelligence. Here, Richard Zink from the Biopharmaceutical Section asks the lecturers a few follow-up questions.

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The world of statistics, however, extends far beyond the membership of the ASA—a fact that has been recognized by the ASA leadership for a long time. To make sure the ASA membership is aware of what happens in the statistics profession in other parts of the world, the ASA formed the Committee on International Relations in Statistics (CIR) in 1979. There is an internationally focused community of statisticians from across the world that connects frequently through international professional societies.

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The November 2019 issue of The American Statistician features 11 articles and two letters to the editor.

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The Mental Health Statistics Section is sponsoring a student paper competition. Winners will receive $1,000 toward the cost of travel to the Joint Statistical Meetings.

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The Sixth International Conference on Establishment Statistics is sponsoring a student contest with awards given in two tracks: nonresponse treatment and analysis/visualization of economic statistical data. The goal of the contest is to encourage students to create interesting and challenging applications that test their technical skill and creativity.

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The Educational Ambassador Program is an ASA outreach effort launched by the late Martha Aliaga and the Committee on International Relations in Statistics to foster international collaboration and enhance statistics education worldwide. The program subsidizes two ambassadors from developing countries to attend JSM and take CE courses. It also provides a one-year ASA membership.

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The ASA celebrates its third year of partnership with The New York Times Learning Network on the popular “What’s Going On in This Graph?” feature, a program that helps teachers lead class discussions about graphs appearing in The New York Times. The discussions engage students in grades 7–12 in activities and questions designed to improve their understanding and critical interpretation of visual displays of information in real life.

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The ASA Biometrics Section offers early-stage investigator awards and provides funding to support projects focused on enhancing awareness of biostatistics among quantitatively talented US students.

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Hal S. Stern, longtime member of the ASA, has been appointed vice provost for academic planning at the University of California, Irvine.

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The Government Statistics Section, Statistical Computing Section, and Statistical Graphics Section jointly hosted the annual Data Challenge Expo at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Denver, Colorado.

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Two SPAIG awards were presented during the 2019 Joint Statistical Meetings. The first award was presented to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Sanofi Pasteur. The second award went to Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, Amherst College, Hampshire College, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and MassMutual Financial Group.

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The Survey Research Methods Section announces poster award winners, calls for topic-contributed session proposals, and discusses student travel awards.

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All section-sponsored student paper awards for JSM 2020 follow general policies and procedures.

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The Breiman Award Committee selects the Breiman senior scholar and junior scholar based on outstanding theoretical or methodological contributions to machine learning.

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SDNS is soliciting entries for a student researcher paper competition for the 2020 Joint Statistical Meetings.

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If you or someone you know would be a great fit for an editorship, send your application or nomination to ASA Journals Manager Eric Sampson by January 10, 2020.