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ASA Members Elect Robert Santos and Dionne Price to Association Leadership

American Statistical Association members elected Robert L. Santos as the association’s 116th president. Santos, vice president and chief methodologist at the Urban Institute, will begin a three-year term on the ASA Board of Directors in January 2020 as president-elect. Dionne L. Price was elected vice president and will also start a three-year term in 2020. Price is director of the Division of Biometrics IV in the Office of Biostatistics in the Food and Drug Administration Office of Translational Sciences, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

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Presenters and panelists called for more volunteers to build the community of statistics and data science. Attendees shared their stories and sought advice from the panelists.

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The June issue of Significance is out in digital format and focuses on the legacy of Francis Galton, statistical pioneer and eugenicist. How should we best commemorate Galton’s statistical achievements while not downplaying or overlooking his disturbing views on race?

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In her latest column, Karen Kafadar discusses the size of the Joint Statistical Meetings and what you take away when you attend in person.

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The ASA DataFest—held every spring at more than 40 colleges and universities around the world—brings together a community of undergraduate students, faculty, graduate students, and data professionals. But without the data, there is no DataFest, which is why Rob Gould is asking for help in finding data for future DataFests.

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Phil Scinto honors his mentor, Steve Schwager, this year’s Mentoring Award winner.

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These three sections will throw a popular mixer at this year’s JSM in Denver, Colorado.

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Subha Chakraborti earned the Burnum Distinguished Faculty Award, and F. DuBois Bowman presented the Donna J. Brogan Lecture in Biostatistics.

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In 2014, the ASA’s Biopharmaceutical Section started a safety working group (ASA BIOP-SWG) that included members from both regulatory agencies and industry. The working group initially focused on design and analysis of cardiovascular safety outcome trials for type II diabetes drugs. Later, it expanded into a systematic review of multisource safety data and corresponding analysis strategies.

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The ASA Computing, Government, and Graphics sections are sponsoring the Data Challenge Expo 2019 at JSM in Denver.

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It is time to start planning the 2020 Joint Statistical Meetings. To that end, the 2020 Program Committee is soliciting proposals for invited sessions.

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The North Carolina Chapter continued its professional webinar series with a machine learning webinar by Funda Gunes, a principal machine learning developer at SAS.

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Plan to attend the SRMS Business Meeting and Mixer at this year’s JSM in Denver to learn about the section and find out the latest section news, including the newest award winners.

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Join the Risk Analysis Section at this year’s JSM in Denver, Colorado.

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Arlin M. Feyerherm passed away January 7, 2019, at St. Francis Hospital in West Point, Nebraska.

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The Alabama-Mississippi chapter hosted a mini-conference April 5 at The University of Mississippi.

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Experienced statisticians offer advice for advancing your career in academia.

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Brown has spent his career as an economist for the federal government—now he is part of the federal statistical community at the Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics (ORES). Working for ORES consists of extracting administrative data, producing statistics and research from that data, and disseminating those research and statistics.

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The Biometrics Section will sponsor several topic-contributed and invited papers at this year’s JSM in Denver.

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Project SMILES, a statistics education research team, received a $3,000 grand prize in the National Science Foundation’s inaugural We Are Mathematics Video Competition during a ceremony at the NSF in May.

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Teams from North Carolina State University, Purdue University, and Vanderbilt took up the challenge to develop and present a business plan outlining strategies for recruitment and retention of students and early-career members of the American Statistical Association.

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North Carolina Chapter of the ASA organized a career information fair as a service to their statistics community.

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Juned Siddique interviewed Don Hedeker in 2015 in honor of Don being awarded the Long-Term Excellence Award.

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Statistical Impact Competition

The competition will help identify areas of research, practice, or public policy in which the statistical sciences have made a substantial impact, as well as emerging domains ripe for contributions from statisticians.