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Navigating Tough Conversations in Statistical Collaboration

Uncomfortable conversations are inevitable in many research and professional relationships, including statistical collaborations. Topics can vary widely due to the different backgrounds and expectations of researchers. Common discussions include those about coauthorship, the role of the statistician, and even technical concepts. Reasons for discomfort can include misaligned expectations, the tone of either participant in the conversation, and particular topics or words (e.g., bias) that might escalate the conversation from congenial to difficult.

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Rob Santos discusses how a Davy Crockett T-shirt started him on his personal journey toward becoming a JEDI.

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ASA members share their experiences and offer insights into how COVID-19 has changed and will continue to change statistics and data science.

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Jeri Mulrow found statistics to be a great foundation for her career and the federal statistics system to be a supportive environment for women, especially within leadership positions. She remarked that finding people who can advocate, mentor, or champion another person’s career is a mix of luck and hard work.

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Analysis must clearly support decision-making and be easily consumable for busy Pentagon executives. The key to successfully briefing a Pentagon executive is focusing on the decision the analysis supports.

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Deliverance Bougie had an unconventional journal into the field of statistics. Conquering learning challenges, she now educates elected officials on statistical practices.

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For the state of the data infrastructure series, the ASA Count on Stats team spoke with three experts on the National Center for Education Statistics: James L. Woodworth, Jack Buckley, and Felice J. Levine.

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What if we have been going about communicating the message and importance of our statistics and data science work upside down? How we talk to each other is different than how others receive and understand information, including decision-makers, policy advisers, industry leaders, the media, and the public.

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In addition to serving as an associate professor and the associate dean for faculty well-being and development at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Emma Benn launched and was named founding director of the Center for Scientific Diversity. She is learning to better communicate inclusivity in the classroom and doing everything she can to raise awareness that different voices and people make our field stronger.

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In 2017, Nussbaum served as ASA president and placed communication and engagement among his top presidential initiatives. His interpersonal communications strategy became a foundation for his famous mantra, “It’s not what we said; it’s not what they heard; it’s what they say they heard.”

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Jaya Satagopan uses agriculture data on corn yield, the motor trend car road tests data set, and the New York transportation fuels data from Kaggle to motivate students to learn about types of variables, statistical summaries, data visualization, and hypothesis testing.

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Writing for CHANCE is a great way to share interesting applications and the latest advances in statistics and data science.

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The ASA Committee on International Relations in Statistics interviewed several ASA Educational Ambassadors to understand the unique effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the academic, professional, and personal lives of statisticians in various countries.