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Looking Forward to JSM

JSM offers a unique opportunity for statisticians in academia, industry, and government to exchange ideas and explore opportunities for collaboration, as well as for beginning statisticians (including current students) to learn from and interact with senior members of the profession. We hope to see you in Denver. In the meantime, enjoy these highlights.

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The May 2019 issue of The American Statistician features 12 articles spanning a variety of topics.

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The 10th International Workshop on Simulation and Statistics (SimStat 2019) will take place September 2–6 at the University of Salzburg in Salzburg, Austria.

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Almost 200 people joined data scientists from around the world to celebrate Women in Data Science March 4.

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This month’s column is an opportunity and invitation to engage in discussions about ethical best practices, both in general and specifically in the context of Data for Good.

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The HPSS achievement awards honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of statistical methods or have developed innovative statistical applications for health care policy or health services research.

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The Bernard Harris Award is a new endeavor by the ASA’s Section on Risk Analysis to provide financial support for speakers in invited technical sessions organized by the Section on Risk Analysis at the annual Joint Statistical Meetings and/or conferences or symposia organized by the section.

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Here is a list of the ASA members who have passed away recently.

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Significance magazine is requesting briefs from its readership.

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The Detroit and Ann Arbor chapters continued their long-standing tradition of serving as a professional awards judging team by awarding students for their use of statistics in their projects at the Michigan Science and Engineering Fair March 13.

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Donald Rubin delivered the Memorial lecture, “Conditional Calibration and the Sage Statistician,” December 27, 2018, at the 10th International Triennial Symposium, held at Calcutta University.

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The Physical and Engineering Sciences Section will sponsor one short course and co-sponsor another short course at JSM 2019.

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Are you an ASA student member? We’re hoping to see many of you at JSM 2019!

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The Noether awards were established to recognize distinguished researchers and teachers and to support the field for nonparametric statistics.

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The Quality and Productivity Section will jointly host an invited paper session at JSM 2019 with the Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences and Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science.

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Deadlines and Contact Information for ASA National Awards, Special Lectureships, and COPSS Awards

The ASA’s extensive awards program recognizes statisticians who have made outstanding contributions through research, teaching, consulting, and service to the association and statistical profession. The annual awards listing contains important 2018-2019 award deadline and contact information.

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We Love Data Competitions

Students at Virginia Tech enjoy competing in the ASA DataFest every spring, so much so that they added another competition, which will take place in the fall.

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In her column this month, Karen Kafadar discusses the creation of the Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee on Statistics and Data Science. The committee’s charge includes the development of recommendations and the creation of a plan for the ASA to interact with data science.

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Larry Lesser of The University of Texas at El Paso repurposed a #1 hit (“Annie’s Song”) by John Denver to teach how a sample survey can beat a census.