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[1 Apr 2024 | No Comment | 102 views]

ASA President Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar’s April column focuses on mentoring—both her own experience of being mentored and the ASA’s focus on mentoring programs.

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[1 Mar 2024 | No Comment | 1,070 views]
Remembering Dionne Price with Her Own Wise Words

ASA President Madhumita (Bonnie) Ghosh-Dastidar honors ASA Past President, Dionne Price, who passed away in late February.

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[1 Feb 2024 | No Comment | 736 views]

The ASA recently added the open access journal Data Science in Science to its portfolio of publications to showcase statistical science as a core competency for interdisciplinary collaborations. Here, ASA President Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar shares excerpts of an interview with the journal’s founding editor, David Matteson, and former ASA President Kathy Ensor.

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[4 Jan 2024 | No Comment | 556 views]

Warmest wishes to everyone in our ASA community and hopes for a peaceful, healthy, and productive 2024!
I am both honored and humbled to be your ASA president in 2024. One of my first tasks—and a great pleasure—was to select a theme for the 2024 Joint Statistical Meetings, known to many as simply JSM. The theme I chose—Statistics and Data Science: Informing Public Policy and Countering Misinformation—reflects my passion for evidence-based public policy. In our era of mushrooming data with a simultaneous increase in pervasive misinformation, statistical science is essential …

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[1 Dec 2023 | No Comment | 795 views]

In her final column as ASA president, Dionne Price shares reflections on her time in office and discusses what it was like to serve her community when statistics and data science are needed more than ever to solve complex issues.

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[1 Nov 2023 | No Comment | 556 views]

ASA President Dionne Price highlights a few items she is grateful for and says thank you to our amazing professional community.

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[2 Oct 2023 | No Comment | 585 views]

Serving as a representative of government statisticians is an important part of Dionne Price’s role on the ASA Board. In this column, she focuses on this and shares highlights of a conversation with Claire Bowen, who is the current chair of the Government Statistics Section; Simone Gray, who is the past chair; and Bob Sivinski, who is chair-elect.

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[1 Sep 2023 | No Comment | 616 views]

ASA President, Dionne Price, looks back on the Joint Statistical Meetings and shares the thoughts written by attendees on the conference’s electronic postcards.

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[1 Aug 2023 | No Comment | 816 views]

In this month’s column, ASA President Dionne Price interviews Nan Laird about the ASA’s “Telling Our Stories” video project.

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[1 Jul 2023 | No Comment | 845 views]

This month, the ASA President Dionne Price shares her thoughts on how to make the most out of the opportunities that await attendees at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.