Practical Significance | Episode 9: From Co-Host to Guest—Donna Turns the Tables on Ron
For this special edition of Practical Significance, the special guest is Ron Wasserstein. The episode is a lively and candid conversation between co-hosts Donna LaLonde, the ASA director of strategic initiatives and outreach, and Ron Wasserstein, the ASA’s executive director. Colleagues and friends for 30 years, Donna turns the tables on her co-host.

The two kick off with a back and forth on JSM 2021—highlights, favorite sessions, and many shout-outs! Then the tables are turned. Donna asks Ron about the two big things that keep him up at night as he leads the association forward—and both would love your feedback (contact info below)! She prompts Ron on an important issue discussed during the recent ASA board meeting, next steps, and what’s ahead for the ASA community. Ultimately, they share what they enjoy during their off hours—a treat for podcast listeners and avid readers looking for recommendations!

And don’t miss Ron’s new spin on his traditional “Top 10.” Listen in!

Contact Ron or Donna with your thoughts on the issues.

Download the transcript.


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