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ASA Board of Directors Candidates

1 March 2011 No Comment

The ASA announces the selection of candidates for the 2011 election. The winning candidates’ terms will begin in 2012. Make sure to look for your ballots in your email inbox and to vote early. Voting begins at midnight EST on March 15 and ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on May 3. Paper ballots will only be mailed to those without email addresses on file with the ASA.

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    Jane Pendergast

    Professor of Biostatistics and Director of the Center for Public Health Statistics, University of Iowa

      What does the ASA mean to you? I am reminded of an old story where two bricklayers, working side-by-side, were asked the question, “What are you doing?” The first responded in great detail about the process of setting the mortar, laying each brick, and making adjustments to ensure a strong and level wall. The second replied, “I’m building a cathedral.” Each of us is, in a sense, a brick layer, and, collectively, we are building our profession, one day at a time. How we choose to develop and apply our statistical knowledge defines what it means to be a member of this professional community. Statistical practice arose out of a social need to make good, data-based decisions and the related realization that we can discover and learn from data. Surely, we live in a time when the world could use more and better help than ever! How can we capitalize on these ever-increasing opportunities for statistics, and do so in partnership with others?

      The ASA exists to support the professional development of its members; to support excellence in the development, application, and dissemination of statistical science; and to serve as an advocate for the profession. Historically, the focus has been on publications, meetings, educational activities, member services, and, more recently, on outreach and advocacy. The need for statistical expertise is strong and growing, yet our membership is dropping. What would make membership more attractive?

      I envision the ASA of the future as a stronger professional home, where statisticians have better access to a wider range of support throughout their professional lives. Yes, we need a variety of ways to build our statistical knowledge, but what else? What would help you be more successful? Perhaps more information and training on some of the so-called “soft” skills (e.g., communication skills, developing successful collaborations, time management, budgeting, managerial skills, grantsmanship, professional writing), vendor discounts outside of meetings, and more networking and career advice opportunities would be useful to many ASA members. How can we partner with others to strengthen the support for statisticians, build more interest in our profession, and develop new opportunities? Should we offer web-based short courses and training targeted to nonstatisticians? Should we pursue more partnerships with other statistical associations to further our common missions?

      I am confident that, together, we will continue to rethink how the ASA can adjust to today’s world and become a stronger professional home that is financially viable. I encourage you to join the conversation. Where should we be headed? What is working well? Where do you think more efforts are needed? Collectively, through the ASA and other avenues, let us build the future of our profession, brick by brick, with a strong vision for the future.



        Marie Davidian

        William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Statistics, North Carolina State University

          These are exciting times for the statistical sciences and our profession. Society is increasingly dependent on the collection and interpretation of data, to which we—statisticians—and the principles of statistics are indispensable, ensuring that sound, objective evidence and analysis underlie the decisions, policies, and initiatives that affect us all, locally, nationally, and globally. The opportunities statisticians have to contribute to the discoveries that will shape the future make our profession a rewarding career choice.

          We know this. The ASA is uniquely positioned to ensure that those who need to know it—the public, government officials, business leaders, fellow scientists, students seeking exciting careers—understand the importance of what we do. The ASA is also well equipped to provide statisticians—and anyone interested in the collection and analysis of data—assets we need to enhance our expertise, grow professionally, and address challenges posed by new technology and innovation.

          Recent ASA leaders have developed a bold strategic plan, which has catalyzed initiatives that are making our association more effective at fulfilling these objectives. I am honored to be a candidate for ASA president and am committed to continuing these efforts and spearheading new ones, with the overarching goal of cementing the ASA’s place as a central “go-to” resource for members and the public regarding everything related to statistics. I will focus on four areas:

          Furthering the ASA’s impact and raising public awareness
          Through presidential visits to Capitol Hill, statements on issues of public importance, and efforts of our director of science policy and volunteers from various committees, the ASA has elevated its voice in the public forum. We must pursue even more aggressively opportunities to communicate with decisionmakers and ensure that statisticians are involved in policy debates. We must enhance our responsiveness to issues arising in government and the media on which our input is critical. We must implement creative ways to represent our discipline to the public, solo or in partnerships with sister organizations. I will work vigorously to highlight the ASA as the national focal point for statistical leadership.

          Encouraging statistical education and attracting the next generation
          The ASA must continue to promote innovation in statistical education and the need for the public to have statistical skills to navigate our data-centric world. We must inspire talented, diverse students to embrace statistical careers. Since 2004, I have codirected an NIH-funded Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics (SIBS) program to encourage U.S. undergraduates to pursue graduate training in our discipline and have witnessed them alter their career aspirations. I will summon this experience and my two-plus decades of teaching, mentoring, curriculum development, and outreach to work with our education council and other ASA leaders to keep the ASA at the forefront of advances in statistical training.

          Enhancing the value of ASA membership
          The ASA can provide leadership only if membership yields benefits that attract and retain the diverse constituencies who study, practice, and use statistics. We must offer enhanced educational opportunities in traditional and emerging topics through frequent, accessible courses, webinars, and other media; more novel forums for interaction, such as the upcoming Conference on Statistical Practice; and opportunities for networking and professional development for targeted groups such as newly minted and isolated statisticians. The ASA can foster stronger, mutually beneficial relationships among industry, government, and academic statisticians and provide infrastructure for formation of new advocacy groups. The ASA website, Amstat News, and Significance offer unlimited possibilities for communication and outreach. Drawing on my experience as a continuing education presenter, cofounder of professional development opportunities such as the ENAR Junior Researcher Workshop, and co-organizer of several thematic conferences, I will strategize with key constituencies to conceive new ways for the ASA to serve its members.

          Promoting the interests of our profession
          As various stakeholders debate open access to research, implications for the ASA’s outstanding publications are unclear. My decade of experience with Biometrics, during which I was involved in negotiating two publishing agreements, has kept me abreast of the changing landscape of scholarly publication. I will work with members of our Committee on Publications to ensure that ASA journals maintain their robust stature, quality, and income. Current uncertainty regarding federal funding comes at a time when investment in our discipline would yield substantial payoff. I will use my understanding of federal funding mechanisms to advocate for increased support for statistical research and training.

          As the ASA approaches its 175th anniversary, we are poised to achieve these aims. I would be honored to work with you toward “Promoting the Practice and Profession of Statistics.”

          Vice President


            David Morganstein

            Vice President, Director of Statistical Group, Westat, Inc.

              I deeply appreciate the invitation to be a candidate for the position of vice president of the association. It would be an honor to serve ASA in this role. My many years of participating in the ASA in a number of positions have brought me in contact with a wide variety of very fine colleagues, with whom I’ve shared much and from whom I have learned much. It would be a distinct pleasure to broaden these opportunities even further.

              If elected, I would look forward to assisting the president and the board in any way I can in furthering the goals of our association. As a personal goal, recognizing that the ASA is a multicultural, diverse organization with many special and diverse interests, I will seek to expand my understanding of the various and possibly conflicting concerns of our members and bring this understanding to our consideration of the future of the ASA. As a survey statistician, I am particularly pleased that the association has chosen to engage its membership through soliciting their views and thoughts before arriving at its decisions. Having served on two accreditation committees, I had the opportunity of working with our executive director on a member survey regarding this topic. The feedback from the members provided the committee with valuable information that helped the committee greatly in developing the current plan for the accreditation process.

              The association’s strategic plan focuses on a number of areas that are both of personal and of professional interest—namely statistical practice, organizational efficiency, and accreditation—to which I believe I could contribute.

              The ASA continues in its efforts to balance our profession’s critical aspects of sound theory with good practice. Statistical practice is to be the subject of a new ASA conference to be held in 2012, a meeting that will attract many of the association’s members. Having worked in and consulted to industry and government most of my career, I hold the view that sharing best practices, an issue closely related to statistical ethics, is an invaluable part of professional growth. As became clear to me in chairing the deliberations of the ISI ethics committee, there is more to be discussed and shared on ethical principles and best practices, and I look forward to contributing to efforts to make this new conference a great success. Hopefully, we can make it the first of many such conferences.

              Beginning in the early ’80s, when I first became involved in teaching and consulting on statistical process control, I quickly realized the important contribution of the statistician to good management principles in improving organizational efficiency. Starting in industrial applications, I subsequently had the privilege of applying these principles and practices in many service organizations, including government statistical agencies and the ASA office. The practice of making sound data-based decisions is quite simply about improving organizational efficiency.

              Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to work on several accreditation committees in planning and now bringing to fruition this new opportunity for members. The process has only begun, and I have joined the ranks of a few dozen members who have gone through the carefully designed review process to become accredited. I expect to continue working on expanding, implementing, and fine-tuning this program, particularly since it was of such keen interest to a significant portion of the membership.

              Finally, in recent years, the ASA office has taken many very proactive steps to find new ways to serve members. I look forward to continuing to help the executive director and the board in any way I can be of service.

              Vice President


                Fred L. Hulting

                Director, Global Knowledge Services, Innovation Technology & Quality Division, General Mills, Inc.

                  It is an honor to be nominated as the next vice president. If elected, I look forward to working with all of you—the members of ASA—to strengthen the association and shape its future as we approach ASA’s 175th year in 2014.

                  As an association, we are a prominent, global, professional community drawn from varied backgrounds and the interdependent sectors of industry, academia, and government. We play an important role in our society and economy, making a positive impact through statistical practice, interdisciplinary research and outreach, and enhanced statistical literacy. And we are supported by our staff and valued volunteers, who deliver a mix of programs and services that benefit members, enhance outreach, and ensure financial stability.

                  My work mirrors the ASA’s in many respects. I manage a worldwide team that serves an international client base; collaborates on interdisciplinary research projects; and builds academic, industry, and government partnerships. I see the value of increasing statistical literacy among our stakeholders and the impact of statistics on our company’s success. Finally, working within my budget constraints, I am challenged to develop the right mix of knowledge, information, and statistical services that benefit our clients and our consumers.

                  This professional experience, coupled with my experience on other nonprofit boards, will enable me to serve the association effectively. I accepted this nomination because I am excited by the potential for ASA to impact society and support its diverse membership by strengthening collaboration and sharpening its portfolio of programs and services. The ASA is doing well, but it can do even better.

                  The challenges facing the ASA as it looks to the future are clearly outlined in the ASA’s 2008 strategic plan. That plan provides context and strategies for eight inter-related areas and guides the annual process of developing initiatives and providing resources. I fully support the strategic plan and its objectives and will partner with the presidents to drive successful outcomes for their strategic initiatives.

                  Within the strategic plan framework, there are several areas I would emphasize, including membership growth, with outcomes focused on attracting applied and consulting statisticians; education, with outcomes focused on increasing statistical literacy; and public awareness and visibility/public policy, with outcomes focused on issue response, integrity of government statistics, and collaboration among professional associations.

                  There are existing initiatives in each of these areas that we can build on, including accreditation, the Conference on Statistical Practice, support for our director of science policy, and the development of resources to further statistical literacy efforts. I look forward to aiding the implementation of current initiatives and to ensuring these areas remain under consideration as I collaborate with all of you in developing the next “big ideas.”

                  As an ASA member since 1984, I have served in chapter, section, committee, and publication leadership roles and seen the value the association can deliver. I am honored to accept this nomination and, if elected, to focus my energy and leadership on ensuring the ASA benefits each of you while it also addresses larger societal and policy issues requiring statistical leadership.

                  Council of Sections Board Representative


                    Janet P. Buckingham

                    Staff Analyst, Southwest Research Institute

                      The Council of Sections is a vibrant and active organization within the ASA focused on serving its section members with guidance, communication, and collaboration. Sections play such a vital role in the career growth and professional development of statisticians. I would be honored to represent the Council of Sections on the ASA Board to keep the communication and interests between these two groups working to achieve common goals in helping statisticians.

                      Margaret A. Nemeth

                      Lead, Statistics Technology Center, Monsanto Company

                        In large organizations, communication is always a challenge. The sections and their members serve an important role in defining/impacting ASA policy, and it is important to have a direct connection from the sections to the board of directors (BOD). By serving as a liaison between the Council of Sections and the BOD, I will work to not only increase the communication, but to ensure that important issues/resolutions/decisions are addressed and transmitted to both groups. I appreciate the opportunity to serve in this critical role.

                        Council of Chapters Board Representative


                          Nicholas Horton

                          Associate Professor of Statistics, Smith College

                            The ASA is increasingly concerned with promoting the profession and the value that the discipline can bring to bear on important societal problems. To this end, chapters provide a key structure to both enlist the talents of members and to serve their professional needs. They provide a local connection to many outreach, education, and professional development opportunities and facilitate in-person contact for members otherwise isolated in their workplaces. At a time when people are increasingly busy and pressed for time, we need to continue to find ways for the national office to support chapters in their efforts to help advance the profession by, for example, encouraging chapters to share successes with other chapters. I would welcome the opportunity to represent the interests of chapters and further integrate chapter members and officers in ongoing ASA activities.


                            Karol Krotki

                            Senior Research Statistician, Research Triangle Institute International

                              ASA is one of the main reasons for the healthy state of our profession and the insatiable demand for statisticians and statistical expertise. My objective is to help ASA continue helping the profession grow, increase the supply of statisticians, and satisfy the consumer demand for this expertise.

                              Publications Representative


                                David Banks

                                Professor, Department of Statistical Science, Duke University

                                  The ASA is moving into a new era of publication. Our journals face fresh challenges as we attempt to exploit Internet technology to increase access and provide new functionality. We have also partnered with a new publisher, which may create some transitional issues. I intend to help shape the outcome so that the results best serve the needs of our members and our profession.


                                  John Stufken

                                  Professor and Head, Department of Statistics, University of Georgia

                                    To maintain its status as the preeminent professional society in the statistical sciences, nothing is more important for the ASA than a portfolio of vibrant and prestigious journals. Improving and judiciously expanding the portfolio will have to take place in a rapidly changing publishing landscape, where technological innovations have opened doors to novel means of faster electronic forms of communication that offer exciting options not available under the traditional publishing model. I would be excited and honored to serve the association as the publications representative on the board of directors and to help its portfolio evolve by taking advantage of technological innovations and modern developments in the world of publishing, while also maintaining the highest standards of quality for the journals and building on the reputation that the ASA has established over many years.

                                    ASA 2012 Election Candidates List

                                      Council of Chapters Governing Board (COCGB)

                                      Michael P. Cohen, Independent Statistical Consultant
                                      Daniel Kasprzyk, NORC at the University of Chicago

                                      Vice Chair, Region 1, Dist. 1
                                      Alan Olinsky, Bryant University
                                      Marianne E. Messina, Bristol-Myers Squibb

                                      Vice Chair, Region 1, Dist. 2
                                      David W. Webb, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
                                      Alex Cambon, University of Louisville

                                      Council of Sections Governing Board (COSGB)

                                      Todd Nick, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Arkansas Children’s Hospital
                                      Katherine Halvorsen, Smith College

                                      Vice Chair
                                      W. Steve Yao, Amgen Inc.
                                      Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar, The RAND Corporation

                                      Business and Economic Statistics Section (B&E)

                                      John M. Abowd, Cornell University
                                      Edward Melnick, New York University

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Sung K. Ahn, Washington State University
                                      Alan L. Montgomery, Carnegie Mellon University

                                      Biometrics Section (BIOM)

                                      Susan Groshen, University of Southern California/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
                                      Jianwen Cai, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

                                      Council of Sections Board Representative
                                      Scarlett L. Bellamy, University of Pennsylvania
                                      Mari Palta, University of Wisconsin

                                      Biopharmaceutical Section (BIOP)

                                      Ram Suresh, Merck & Co.
                                      Amit Bhattacharyya, GlaxoSmithKline R&D, USA

                                      Council of Sections Board Representative
                                      B. Christine Clark, ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.
                                      Jim MacDougall, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Estelle Russek-Cohen, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
                                      Ivan S.F. Chan, Merck Research Laboratories

                                      Christopher J. Miller, AstraZeneca
                                      Dionne L. Price, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

                                      Section on Statistical Consulting (CNSL)

                                      Marlene J. Egger, University of Utah
                                      Walter T. Ambrosius, Wake Forest University School of Medicine

                                      Council of Sections Board Representative
                                      Stuart A. Gansky, University of California, San Francisco
                                      Eric Vance, Virginia Tech

                                      Executive Committee at Large
                                      Margaret A. Nemeth, Monsanto Company
                                      Dennis L. Eggett, Brigham Young University

                                      Roy N. Tamura, Eli Lilly and Company
                                      Ann Lazar, University of California, San Francisco

                                      Section on Statistical Computing (COMP)

                                      Montse Fuentes, North Carolina State University
                                      Wolfgang Jank, Wiley’s Statistics in Practice

                                      Council of Sections Board Representative
                                      Greg Snow, Intermountain Healthcare
                                      Erik Iverson, University of Minnesota

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      John W. Emerson, Yale University
                                      Berwin A. Turlach, University of Western Australia

                                      G. Jay Kerns, Youngstown State University
                                      Jane L. Harvill, Baylor University

                                      Section on Statistical Education (EDUC)

                                      Deborah Nolan, University of California, Berkeley
                                      Dennis K. Pearl, The Ohio State University

                                      Council of Sections Board Representative
                                      Jennifer J. Kaplan, Michigan State University
                                      Paul Roback, St. Olaf College

                                      Executive Committee at Large
                                      Nathan Tintle, Hope College
                                      Tim Jacobbe, University of Florida

                                      Executive Committee at Large
                                      Amy G. Froelich, Iowa State University
                                      Suhwon Lee, University of Missouri

                                      Section on Statistics and the Environment (ENVR)

                                      William F. Christensen, Brigham Young University
                                      Petrutza C. Caragea, Iowa State University

                                      Council of Sections Board Representative
                                      Devin Johnson, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
                                      Ronald E. McRoberts, U.S. Forest Service

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Veronica J. Berrocal, University of Michigan
                                      Mary C. Meyer, Colorado State University

                                      Publications Chair-elect
                                      Matthew Heaton, Duke University
                                      Kate Calder, The Ohio State University

                                      Paul L. Patterson, Forest Service, USDA
                                      Kathi Irvine

                                      Section on Statistics in Epidemiology (EPI)

                                      M. Elizabeth (Betz) Halloran, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center/University of Washington
                                      Mimi Kim, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

                                      Council of Sections Board Representative
                                      Martina Pavlicova, Columbia University
                                      Rajeshwari Sundaram, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, NIH

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Jing Cheng, UCSF
                                      Jinbo Chen, University of Pennsylvania

                                      Publications Officer
                                      Daniel Rubin, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
                                      Jessica Gerald Young, Harvard School of Public Health

                                      Section on Government Statistics (GOVT)

                                      Michael P. Cohen, Independent Statistical Consultant
                                      Lisa M. Blumerman, U.S. Census Bureau

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Mark Harris, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service
                                      Eric Rancourt, Statistics Canada

                                      Section on Statistical Graphics (GRPH)

                                      Webster West, Texas A&M University
                                      Graham Wills, SPSS, an IBM Company

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Kary Myers, Los Alamos National Laboratory
                                      Rafe Donahue, BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc./Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

                                      Publications Officer
                                      Mat Soukup, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
                                      Rebecca Nugent, Carnegie Mellon University

                                      Health Policy Statistics Section (HPSS)

                                      Matthew D. Rotelli, Eli Lilly and Company
                                      Mary Beth Landrum, Harvard Medical School

                                      Section on Statistics in Marketing (MKTG)

                                      David A. Schweidel, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business
                                      Ewa Nowakowska, GfK Polonia

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Leslie Matekaitis, Nielsen Company
                                      Michael Braun, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

                                      Stan Lipovetsky, GfK Custom Research North America
                                      Peter Ebbes, The Ohio State University

                                      Section on Nonparametric Statistics (NPAR)

                                      Jianqing Fan, Princeton University
                                      Bani K. Mallick, Texas A&M University

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Aurore Delaigle, University of Melbourne, Australia
                                      Ciprian M. Crainiceanu, The Johns Hopkins University

                                      Publications Officer
                                      Karin S. Dorman, Iowa State University
                                      Hao Helen Zhang, North Carolina State University

                                      Rui Song, Colorado State University
                                      Tatiyana (Tanya) Apanasovich, Thomas Jefferson University

                                      Section on Quality & Productivity (Q&P)

                                      Daksha Chokshi, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
                                      Theresa Utlaut, Intel Corporation

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Willis Jensen, W.L. Gore & Associates Medical Products Division
                                      Rachel (Johnson) Silvestrini, Naval Postgraduate School

                                      Section on Risk Analysis (RISK)

                                      Murali Haran, Pennsylvania State University
                                      Yiliang Zhu, University of South Florida

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Brooke Buckley, Northern Kentucky University
                                      Michael E. Tarter, University of California, Berkeley

                                      Publications Officer
                                      Jennifer L. Clarke, University of Miami
                                      Edward L. Boone, Virginia Commonwealth University

                                      Elizabeth H. Margosches, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                                      Stephen Gilbert, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

                                      Section on Bayesian Statistical Sciences (SBSS)

                                      Francesca Dominici, Harvard University
                                      Alicia Carriquiry, Iowa State University

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Mahlet G. Tadesse, Georgetown University
                                      Peter F. Thall, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

                                      Publications Officer
                                      Adam Branscum, Oregon State University
                                      Mayetri Gupta, Boston University

                                      Jerry Reiter, Duke University
                                      Amy Xia, Amgen Inc.

                                      Section on Statistics in Defense and National Security (SDNS)

                                      Jeffrey L. Solka, NSWCDD
                                      George Michailidis, University of Michigan

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Aubrey Dale Magoun, University of Louisiana at Monroe/Applied Research and Analysis, Inc.
                                      Al Ozonoff, Children’s Hospital Boston

                                      Section on Statistics in Sports (SIS)

                                      Michael A. Rutter, The Behrend College
                                      Patricia English, Pfizer Inc.

                                      Council of Sections Board Representative
                                      Phil Yates, Saint Michael’s College
                                      Albyn Jones, Reed College
                                      Sandra Clarkson, Hunter College of CUNY

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Michael E. Schuckers, St. Lawrence University
                                      Andrew W. Swift, University of Nebraska at Omaha

                                      Section on Statistical Learning and Data Mining (SLDM)

                                      David Banks, Duke University
                                      Xiaoming Huo, Georgia Institute of Technology

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Yufeng Liu, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
                                      Giles Hooker, Cornell University

                                      Social Statistics Section (SOC)

                                      Warren Brown, University of Georgia
                                      Linda A. Jacobsen, Population Reference Bureau

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Michael D. Sinclair, NORC at the University of Chicago
                                      Deborah H. Griffin, U.S. Census Bureau

                                      Natalya Verbitsky-Savitz, Mathematica Policy Research
                                      Anthony Tersine Jr., U.S. Census Bureau

                                      Section on Physical & Engineering Sciences (SPES)

                                      Jim Rutherford, Chevron Oronite Company, LLC
                                      Winson Taam, The Boeing Company

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Stephanie Pickle DeHart, DuPont
                                      Peter W. Hovey, University of Dayton

                                      Theodore T. Allen, The Ohio State University
                                      Allison M. Rajakumar, The Lubrizol Corporation

                                      Section on Survey Research Methods (SRMS)

                                      Virginia M. Lesser, Oregon State University
                                      Jill M. Montaquila, Joint Program in Survey Methodology, University of Maryland

                                      Council of Sections Board Representative
                                      Polly Phipps, Bureau of Labor Statistics
                                      Chris Moriarity, National Center for Health Statistics

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Frauke Kreuter, Joint Program in Survey Methodology, University of Maryland
                                      Wendy Rotz, Ernst and Young

                                      Barbara Lepidus Carlson, Mathematica Policy Research
                                      Rebecca Andridge, The Ohio State University College of Public Health

                                      Statistical Programmers and Analysts Section (SSPA)

                                      Jyoti N. Rayamajhi, Eli Lilly and Company
                                      Simon Lin, Eisai Inc.

                                      Program Chair-elect
                                      Michael Carniello, Takeda Global Research & Development
                                      Nancy J. Petersen, Houston Health Services Research and Development Center of Excellence

                                      Lauren Bailey, University of California, Irvine
                                      Christopher D. Long, San Diego Padres

                                      Rick Wicklin, SAS Institute
                                      Heidi Nasizadeh, Genentech Inc.

                                      Section on Teaching Statistics in the Health Sciences (TSHS)

                                      Deborah Dawson, University of Iowa
                                      Steven Grambrow, Duke University Medical Center

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