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1 January 2014 No Comment

The ASA’s Trivia Challenge is a fun way to read Amstat News and learn about the ASA. Every month, there will be three questions asked here, with the answers scattered throughout the magazine. Search for those answers while you’re reading the issue and input your answers on the 175 website. Whoever has the most correct answers at the end of each quarter will be entered into a drawing to win a 175th anniversary T-shirt!


1. The ASA Community is available to

A. Only section and chapter members
B. All ASA members
C. The public
D. The ASA staff

2. During the IYS 2013 Workshop “The Future of Statistical Science,” we learned the community of statisticians has been guilty of

A. Poor marketing, for not everyone who should know what we have to offer does know
B. Being clumsy
C. Being non-traditional
D. All of the above

3. The building in which the American Statistical Society was founded no longer exists.



1. The two Statistical Significance pieces recently released are

A. Agriculture and Energy
B. National Security and Economics
C. Sports and Agriculture
D. All of the Above

2. The U.S. Census Bureau is predicting the number of statisticians will continue to increase at a rate of about what percent over the next 10 years?

A. 20%
B. 8%
C. 14%
D. 25%

3. The Statistics2013 website became The News of the World of Statistics


MARCH 2014

1. There were 200 submissions to the International Year of Statistics photo contest.


2. The federal statistical agencies generally had their budgets raised for FY14. The exceptions are:

A. The National Institutes of Health and the Bureau of Labor Statistics
B. The National Center for Education Statistics and the National Science Foundation
C. The Bureau of Labor Statistics and The National Center for Education Statistics

3. MUDAC stands for

A. Midwest Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition
B. Midwest Undergraduate Data Academic Challenge
C. Midwest Undergraduate Data Analysis Convention

APRIL 2014

1. Who is chairing the workgroup charged with developing a prototype for the statistics portal?

A. Harold and Kumar
B. David Banks
C. Nathaniel Schenker

2. Who wrote the book Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery?

A. Robert L. Devaney
B. John Conway
C. Martin Gardner

3. By 1989, the year of the ASA’s 150th anniversary celebration, ASA membership exceeded 18,000.


This quarter’s winner will be announced in the May issue.

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