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JSM 2014: Call for Late-Breaking Sessions

1 February 2014 No Comment
Jean Opsomer, 2014 JSM Program Chair

    More than 95% of all statisticians know by now that the next JSM will take place in Boston during the first week of August (this is a little joke). While the JSM scientific program is mostly determined at this time, there is one last opportunity to submit a proposal for a JSM session. I am talking about the appropriately named “late-breaking sessions,” which are opportunities for new and emerging developments of interest to our discipline to have a chance to be part of the JSM program. Up to two such sessions are available, subject to approval by the Committee on Meetings, representing all the JSM sponsoring societies.

    According to the program committee manual (a well-thumbed copy of which is on my bedside table this year), “A late-breaking session must cover one or more technical, scientific, or policy-related topics that have arisen in the one-year period prior to the JSM.” I welcome proposals for such sessions, which can be submitted by any member or organization of a partner society. Proposals need to be received by me at jopsomer@stat.colostate.edu and ASA meeting staff at meetings@amstat.org by April 14 to be given consideration.

    Again from the program committee manual, a proposal for a late-breaking session should contain the following information:

      A. The session title

      B. A session description, including a summary of its statistical and scientific content, an explanation of its timeliness, and comments on the specific audiences for which it will be of principal interest

      C. The format of the session (e.g., a chair and four panelists; a chair, three speakers, and discussant; or a chair, two speakers, and two discussants)

      D. Names of the session organizer, chair, speakers, panelists, and discussants

      E. Complete affiliation and contact information (mailing address, phone, fax, email) for organizer, chair, and all participants

      F. A title for each presentation

      G. Web links to relevant technical reports, if applicable

    Since the goal of these sessions is to ensure that new and emerging topics are presented at JSM, item (B) is clearly crucial, and evaluation of the proposals will rely heavily on the arguments presented there. Because these sessions are scheduled just a few short months before JSM, we are requesting that all session participants—including the chair, speakers/panelists, and discussants—agree to participate in the session before the session proposal is submitted. Note that participation in a late-breaking session will not count toward the limits on participation established for JSM.

    In closing, let me thank everyone who has already submitted session proposals and/or presentation abstracts for their participation in creating a diverse and vibrant program for the Boston JSM. I look forward to receiving your proposals for late-breaking sessions.

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