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SPES Represents Well at JSM, Gives Outstanding Presentation Award

1 October 2016 No Comment
Submitted by Ananda Sen, SPES JSM Program Chair

    SPES had a fantastic year of representation at JSM, sponsoring five invited, two topic-contributed, and four contributed paper sessions, as well as one contributed poster session. Session topics ranged from traditional themes relating to reliability and designed experiments to more current discourse in computer experiments, remote sensing, and online experiments.

    SPES also cosponsored several sessions and organized two sold-out roundtables. “Online Experimentation: What It Is and Why It Is So Important” was conducted by Peter Qian from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and “Is Your Mixed Model Analysis Mixed Up?” was led by Phil Gibbs from SAS Institute.

    Outstanding Presentation Award

    Submitted by Jennifer Kensler, Shell, SPES Awards Chair

      Jonathan Hobbs of Jet Propulsion Laboratory was honored with the Outstanding Presentation Award for the SPES topic-contributed paper “Remote Sensing Retrievals for Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: Quantifying Uncertainty in the Presence of Nonlinearity and Nuisance Parameters.”


      • Jonathan Stallings, North Carolina State University, for the SPES contributed paper “Analysis of Split-Plot Designs with Whole-Plot and Split-Plot Measurements”
      • Wilmina Marget, John Carroll University, for the SPES contributed paper “Box-Behnken–Type Experimental Designs for Multiple Responses with Different Models”

      Honorable Mentions

      • Yuliya Marchetti, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, for the SPES topic-contributed paper “Spatial Data Compression via Adaptive Dispersion Clustering”
      • Byran Smucker, Miami University, for the SPES contributed paper “A Meta-Analysis of Response Surface Studies”
      • Oksoun Yee, Bristol-Myers Squibb, for the SPES contributed paper “Innovative and Efficient Definitive Screening Designs with an Asymptotic Method for Defining the End of Primary Drying Time to Optimize the Freeze-Drying Process”

      The Outstanding Presentation Award encourages excellence in presentation and has helped raise the SPES contributed sessions to a higher level. All awards are based on audience evaluations of each speaker. Winners receive a certificate recognizing their accomplishment and a cash award. The 2016 awards will be presented at the SPES mixer during JSM 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland.

      Start preparing now for JSM 2017 and you may see your name listed among the SPES Outstanding Presentation Award winners next year. For more information, visit the SPES website.

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