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ASA Launches Redesigned Website

1 October 2016 No Comment
Ron Wasserstein, ASA Executive Director

    I am happy to announce the launch of the ASA’s newly redesigned website. As an organization of and for statisticians and data scientists, our aim with the new website is to highlight the contributions made by our members and encourage the public to learn more about our growing and dynamic discipline.


    The process of revamping the online face of the ASA began more than a year ago when a focus group of members provided feedback on early-stage structural layouts and wireframes and performed real-world tasks while thinking aloud.

    And the journey of getting to where we are now was an interactive and insightful one, yielding a wealth of data. Our site review revealed that the “What is Statistics?” page is one of the most visited within the site. It now hosts engaging information about the practice of statistics and fun activities, including a contest we call “Submit Your Statistical Haiku.” These and other new elements will be regular buy ativan online pharmacy features to encourage ongoing engagement and return visits.

    Applying member feedback, the ASA staff reviewed, refined, and generated ideas for new content. Behind the scenes, the ASA information technology staff worked tirelessly to deliver a refreshing website. Reorganized and designed to be responsive to user needs, the new amstat.org offers quick and easy access to your essential member information and is now compatible with multiple platforms. So, whether you are visiting from your desktop or your phone, you’ll experience an adaptive, responsive design.

    In support of the ASA’s mission to promote the practice and profession of statistics, the website will be updated frequently to emphasize issues and information essential to the fields of statistics and data science. Amstat.org will bring you and the general public news of association initiatives, activities, events, and opportunities to engage in the ASA and larger world of statistics.

    Feedback: Please explore the website let us know what you think! Send your feedback to webmaster@amstat.org.

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