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Physical and Engineering Sciences Section News for February

1 February 2017 No Comment
Greg Steeno, FTC Program Representative, and Greg Piepel, SPES Industrial Speakers Program Chair

The 60th Fall Technical Conference (FTC), cosponsored by the ASA and American Society for Quality (ASQ), was held October 6–7 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The conference was well attended, with sessions covering a range of topics in statistics and quality and providing ample opportunity to network with colleagues and peers.

The event began the day before, with four day-long short courses. Educational opportunities included “Methods for Designing and Analyzing Mixture Experiments,” “Beyond Split-Plot Design and Analysis,” “Analysis of Big Data Using R,” and “Design and Analysis of Experiments with R.”

The conference opened with a presentation by Lynne Hare, titled “Hahn Space.” The conference program invited sessions encompassed a variety of interesting and relevant topics. Selected presentations include the following:

  • Bayesian and Statistical Engineering (ASA-SPES)
  • Dimensional Data Analysis (ASQ-STAT)
  • Statistical Methods for Data Science (ASA-Q & P)
  • Case Studies: There Are No Answers in the Back of the Book (ASQ-CPID)

In addition, the Technometrics invited session focused on reliability, the Journal of Quality Technology session theme covered CUSUM charts, and Quality Engineering showcased statisticians as innovation leaders.

Contributed sessions topics ranged from advances in DOE/RSM to sequential experimentation to process control to case studies of industrial applications.

Joanne Wendelberger from the Los Alamos National Laboratory gave the W. J. Youden Memorial Address, titled “Understanding Today’s Complex World,” while 2016 ASA President Jessica Utts gave a lunchtime talk, “Communicating the Value of What Statisticians Do.” The conference concluded with a SPES-sponsored wine and cheese reception and special session, titled “Leadership Perspectives: A Multifaceted Panel Discussion.”

SPES is accepting papers for the 2017 Fall Technical Conference, to be held October 5–6 in Philadelphia. The conference theme is “Statistics: Powering a Revolution in Quality Improvement,” and the abstract submission deadline is February 28.

The 2017 conference will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Questions can be directed to Greg Steeno.

SPES Marquardt Memorial Speakers Program

The SPES Marquardt Memorial Speakers Program facilitates visits of experienced applied statisticians to colleges and universities to give a seminar and meet with students and professors. SPES reimburses the host institution up to $1,000 (previously $500) to cover the expenses of the speaker’s visit.

Speakers provide information to students about (1) what an applied statistician does; (2) how applied statisticians solve problems in science, engineering, technology, and business; and (3) what nontechnical skills are required to be successful as an applied statistician.

The Marquardt Industrial Speakers Program was established by SPES in the early 1990s to encourage careers in applied statistics. If you are an institution interested in having a speaker or a SPES member interested in being on the speakers list (or working directly with a local institution to set up a visit), contact Greg Piepel at (509) 375-6911.

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