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Amelia McNamara

1 March 2019 No Comment

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of St. Thomas

Educational Background:
BA, English and Math, Macalester College
PhD, Statistics, University of California, Los Angeles

About Amelia
I grew up in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St Paul) and am delighted to be back. I have many interests—my first year of college, I went to design school, and then I double majored in English and mathematics as an undergraduate. I like statistics because you can find data about anything. Working with data allows me to cultivate my broad interests, which include social justice, text analysis, dance, spatial aggregation, data visualization, algorithmic accountability, education, open science, and programming language design. One of my proudest accomplishments is this essay about histograms I wrote with my collaborator, Aran Lunzer.

Many people struggle to understand histograms and, whenever I tried to explain them, I would end up drawing lots of pictures that still didn’t convey what I was trying to say. The essay includes all the interactive elements I was picturing in my head and seems to be a useful educational tool for many people.

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