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[1 Sep 2023 | No Comment | 737 views]
Ethical Considerations for Developing and Using Artificial Intelligence in Statistical Practice

Ethical issues in statistical practice in the AI era require continuous attention, reflection, and dialogue among all parties involved. The ASA’s Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice and members of the ASA Committee on Professional Ethics are here to help.

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[1 Sep 2023 | No Comment | 654 views]
Designing Against Bias in Machine Learning and AI

David Corliss examines how shifting the focus to testing for and mitigating bias at the design stage instead of after code is released can help prevent many of the problems seen in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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[1 Aug 2023 | No Comment | 682 views]
Meet Bureau of Economic Analysis Director Vipin Arora

Vipin Arora became director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis in December of 2022. Amstat News asked him to respond to a few questions so readers can learn more about him and the agency he runs.

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[1 Aug 2023 | No Comment | 489 views]
Staff Spotlight: Sabina Schlichtmann

Meet Sabina Schlichtmann, the ASA’s new meetings coordinator.

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[1 Aug 2023 | No Comment | 1,002 views]
Invited Session Proposals Sought for JSM 2024

The theme for JSM 2024 is “Statistics and Data Science: Informing Policy and Countering Misinformation,” and it’s time to submit invited session proposals.

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[1 Aug 2023 | No Comment | 462 views]
SDSS2023: Diverse Panels, Engaging Discussions, Memorable Experiences

The St. Louis Union Station Hotel served as the backdrop for the 2023 Symposium on Data Science and Statistics, which welcomed attendees from across academia, industry, and government.

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[1 Jul 2023 | One Comment | 931 views]
How My First Statistics Professor Changed My Life—A Tribute to Golde Holtzman

Chris Franck shares the story of how Gold Holtzman inspired him to study statistics. It all started with an empty jar, a scoop, and separate collections of green and yellow beans.

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[1 Jul 2023 | No Comment | 450 views]
JSM Session Set to Remember Thomas Jabine

Members of the Committee on Scientific Freedom and Human Rights will revisit Jabine’s work touching on global governance, the ASA, and the intersection of statistics and human rights.

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[1 Jul 2023 | No Comment | 654 views]
Fund Set Up to Kick-Start Community for Underrepresented People in Statistics

The Michael Tsiang Fund for Belonging in Statistics is an initiative to create a safe and supportive community around the many groups that have been historically underrepresented in statistics.

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[1 Jul 2023 | One Comment | 530 views]
Meet the ASA’s Director of Finance and Administration, Derek Curtis II

Derek Curtis II, the ASA’s new Director of Finance and Administration, answers our questions about working for the ASA.