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New Journal on Survey Statistics and Methodology Launched

1 November 2012 1,385 views No Comment

The American Statistical Association and American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) recently launched a new interdisciplinary journal, the Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology (JSSAM). The first issue is scheduled to publish in July 2013 and quarterly thereafter.

The purpose of JSSAM is to publish cutting-edge articles about statistical and methodological issues for surveys and censuses. It also will publish empirical and theoretical papers, applied papers, and review papers and feature three sections.

The Survey Statistics section will include papers on sampling procedures, imputation, weighting, measures of uncertainty, small-area estimation, new methods of analysis, and other statistical issues related to surveys.

The Survey Methodology section will include papers presenting methodological research, such as methodological experiments, comparisons of modes of data collection, and new uses of paradata.

The Applications section will include papers that report innovative applications of methods, provide guidance on some practical problem, or present significant new findings.

Joseph Sedransk will be the editor for statistical papers, and Roger Tourangeau will be the editor for methodological papers. Sedransk is professor emeritus of statistics at Case Western Reserve University. Tourangeau is a vice president at Westat.

Oxford University Press will publish JSSAM. Visit the JSSAM website for more information. Prospective authors can submit manuscripts online.

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