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Proposed New Section for Medical and Diagnostic Devices

1 May 2013 48 views No Comment

The Special Interest Group for Medical Devices and Diagnostics (SIGMEDD) encourages interested ASA members to support the formation of a new section for medical and diagnostic devices.

To do this, go to the petition and enter your name, ASA ID number, and email address.

SIGMEDD was established more than five years ago by the Council of Sections, and SIGMEDD has actively participated in a number of ASA meetings. As has been the case for all recent JSMs, SIGMEDD organized a number of topic-contributed sessions. SIGMEDD members also have played a major role in planning the annual ASA Biopharmaceutical Section’s FDA-Industry Statistics Workshop.

To view SIGMEDD’s adopted charter and past activities, or for more information about SIGMEDD, visit their website.

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