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ASA 2013 Statistics Poster and Project Competition Winners

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The American Statistical Association is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Poster Competition and Project Competition. First-place winners received $200, a plaque, a plaque for their school, and grade-appropriate graphing calculators for the students and advisors provided by Texas Instruments. Second-place winners received $100 and a plaque; third-place winners received $50 and a plaque; and honorable mentions received certificates.

The poster and project competitions are directed by the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability, with Linda Quinn of Cleveland State University serving as the poster competition leader and Jamis Perrett of Monsanto Company serving as the project competition leader. K–12 posters are due every year on April 1. Projects (written reports) for grades 7–12 are due every year on June 1. Visit the competitions web page for information, including previous winners, entry forms, instructional webinars, and a rubric of how the posters and projects are judged.

2013 National Project Competition Winners

The statistical project competition always attracts a wide variety of submissions from different grades, 7-12. This year was no different with 180 submissions. Students have been very creative conducting studies regarding social media, stress, ACT scores, golf, and much, much more.

The statistical project competition is especially useful for the high school AP statistics classes. Students in these classes are learning the basics of statistics methodology. This year, the AP statistics exam was held on May 10, three weeks prior to the submission deadline for the project competition. For many schools, there are still weeks of school left after AP statistics exam has passed. Conducting a statistical project can be a powerful learning experience, and the statistical project competition can provide the motivation. Statistical projects allow students to apply all the statistical skills they have acquired throughout the school year to solve a real-world problem of interest to them. Monetary awards, plaques, and new TI-Calculators as prizes contribute to the motivation.

Grades 7-9

First Place

Valentina Lohr
Greening Greywater: Testing Filtration Systems to Protect Earthworm Food Supply
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology
Arlington, Virginia

Second Place

Divya Wodon and Naina Wodon
Analyzing the Determinants of Individual Sales at Nonprofit Thrift Stores: A Case Study for Martha’s
Washington International School
Washington, D.C.

Third Place

Andrew Blonsky
Building a Better Speed Bump
Lakewood, Ohio

Grades 10-12

First Place

Srihari Mohan and Nick Rollman
Multi-Mania!: Are Our School’s Multi-Meters Accurate Predictors of Resistance?
The Overlake School
Redmond, Washington

Second Place

Madeline Doctor and Olivia Powell
Does Language Influence How We Think?
Nashua High School North
Nashua, New Hampshire

Third Place

Dylan Arya, Maddie Brady, Abby Letts, and Whitney Cohen
Gender, Sexuality, and Helpfulness
Flintridge Preparatory School
La Canada, Canada

Honorable Mention

Cathleen Gui
The Pressure is On: Stimulation, State of Attention, and Relation to Human Response
Walter Payton College Prepatory High School
Chicago, Ilinois

2013 National Project Competition Judges

Jamis Perrett (Monsanto Company) directed the project competition with the following judges:

Jocelyne Arnott, HSBC Bank USA
Laura Bauer, Villa Maria Academy, Malvern, PA
Diane Desantis, Algonquin Regional HS, Northborough, MA
Michael Drake, Springfield High School, PA
Steve Earth, Oakwood High School
Caitlyn Ellerbe, Medical University of South Carolina
Janet Fortney, Forsyth Country Day School
Heidi Gransar, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles
Michael Grayling, (student) University of Cambridge
David Gurney, Southeastern Louisiana University
A. Scott Hagin, Edwardsville High School, Edwardsville, IL
Sharon Hessney, Massachusetts Mathematics & Science Initiative
Wei-Ting Hwang, University of Pennsylvania
Lynn Ibarra, Hempstead High School
Bobby Jenkins, IDEA College Preperatory Mission
Mimi Kallwitz, Prairie Ridge High School, Crystal Lake, IL
April Kerby, Winona State University
Nathan Kidwell, Dubuque Senior High School
Jessica Kohlschmidt, The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
Margaret Kuczynski, North Seattle Community College
Elizabeth Kumm, inVentiv Health Clinical, LLC
Johanna Lewis, Cherry Creek High School
John F. Mahoney, Benjamin Banneker Academic HS, Washington, D.C.
Christopher J. Malone, Winona State University
Matthew McCall, University of Rochester Medical Center
Cheryl McKeeman, Langara College, Vancouver, Canada
Kevin Moore, Dekaney High School, Spring, TX
Leslie M. Moore, Independent Consultant
Leigh Nataro, Moravian Academy
Alfredo Navarro, U.S. Census Bureau
Elena Randou, George Mason University
Julie Roy, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Kendra Schmid, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Susan Simmons, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Shuguang Song, The Boeing Company
Chris Stapel, The Blake School
Daren Starnes, The Lawrenceville School
William Thill, Harvard-Westlake
Doug Tyson, Central York School District
Rieken S. Venema, University of Alaska, Anchorage
Yan Wang, (student) University of California at Los Angeles
Donna Young, Kent Island High School
Zhiwei Zhang, (student) University of Pittsburgh

2013 National Poster Competition Winners

    Grades K–3

      First Place

      K-3 First Place

      Carson McCue
      Dunkin’ Data
      The Alexander Dawson School at Rainbow Mountain
      Las Vegas, Nevada

      Second Place

      K-3 Second Place

      Caden Fujii
      Languages Students Speak
      Roslyn Elementary School
      Roslyn, Pennsylvania

      Third Place

      K-3 Third Place

      Talitha Cheng
      How Old Is Lincoln?
      Rydal Elementary
      Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

      Honorable Mention

      K-3 Honorable Mention

      Calder Small
      The Many Lost Teeth of 2nd Grade
      Copper Beech Elementary School
      Glenside, Pennsylvania

      Grades 4–6

        First Place

        4-6 First Place

        Brandon Waters
        Is the Lady Young or Old?
        Hyde Park Middle School
        Las Vegas, Nevada

        Second Place

        4-6 Second Place

        Josephine Ruggieri
        Would You Make the Switch?
        Eileen Conners Elementary School
        Las Vegas, Nevada

        Third Place

        4-6 Third Place

        Jackson Debusschere
        Olympic Success
        Wallingford Elementary School
        Wallingford, Pennsylvania

        Honorable Mention

        4-6 Honorable Mention

        Grace Marshall, Robert Isacksen, and Daniel Lassila
        Electric vs. Gas!! Which Car Is More Economical to Own?
        Kazoo School
        Kalamazoo, Michigan

        Grades 7–9

          First Place

          7-9 First Place

          Seungwon (Mei) Baek
          Maple Seeds in Wind Power
          Rachel Carson Middle School
          Fairfax, Virginia

          Second Place

          7-9 Second Place

          David Wicklin
          Do Dryer Balls Reduce Drying Time?
          St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School
          Cary, North Carolina

          Third Place

          7-9 Third Place

          Brianne Siple
          I Thought I Saw a Puddy Cat
          St. John Lutheran
          Grand Haven, Michigan

          Honorable Mention

          7-9 Honorable Mention

          Sharon Marie Mathew and Christina Hanos
          Variables Responsible for Obesity in Counties in NY
          Clarkstown South High School
          West Nyack, New York

          Grades 10–12

            First Place (Tie)

            10-12 First Place (Tie)

            Kelly Hall
            Do Male or Female Runners Improve More?
            Saline High School
            Saline, Michigan

            First Place (Tie)

            10-12 First Place (Tie)

            Brianna Dombo
            Do New Teen Drivers Use Their Phones While Driving?
            Saint Joseph Academy
            Cleveland, Ohio

            Second Place

            10-12 Second Place

            Owen Stewart
            A Color-Full First Impression
            Ed W. Clark High School
            Las Vegas, Nevada

            Third Place

            10-12 Third Place

            Samuel Koffman
            Black Gold
            Phillips Academy
            Andover, Massachusetts

            Honorable Mention

            10-12 Honorable Mention

            Omotayo Agaja
            What Is the Best Way to Store Bread in Order to Preserve Its Freshness?
            Cleveland Heights High School
            Cleveland Heights, Ohio

            2013 Regional Poster Competition Leaders

            Connecticut Chapter Statistical Poster Competition
            Marianne E. Messina
            Bristol-Myers Squibb, Global Biometric Sciences Oncology

            Kansas/Western Missouri Statistics Poster Contest
            Ananda Jayawardhana
            Pittsburg State University

            Michigan Statistics Poster Competition
            Dan Frobish
            Department of Statistics, Grand Valley State University

            Nevada K–12 Statistics Poster Competition
            David Thiel
            Clark County School District

            Ohio Statistics Poster Competition
            Jerry Moreno
            John Carroll University

            Pennsylvania Statistics Poster Competition
            Pete Skoner
            Saint Francis University, Science Outreach Center

            Washington Statistical Society Poster Competition
            Barnali Das

            Other Region/ASA National Poster Competition
            Leader: Linda Quinn, Cleveland State University
            Contact: Rebecca Nichols, ASA Director of Education, rebecca@amstat.org

            Students outside the regional competition areas submit their posters directly to the ASA office, which are then separately judged by the Washington Statistical Society as part of the Other Region. The best posters from each region are sent to the national judging. Information about regional poster competitions and winners is available on the individual regional poster competition websites.

            Get Involved

            For information about how to start a regional poster competition or mentor students in your area, see the article in the July 2011 issue. You can download a flyer about the ASA poster and project competitions and other K–12 statistics education programs and resources to share with your local schools on the ASA Education web page. For additional information or questions regarding how to get involved in the poster or project competitions, contact Rebecca Nichols at rebecca@amstat.org.

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